Stamps, stamps, Stamps!

Headline of the year, couldn't resist. apostrophes...pretty good one though...

Fred "salt in the wounds" Stamps!

I guess this is one occassion where you can say:

Edmonton didn't beat the Stamps . . . The Stamps beat the Stamps!

I think Tristan Jackson deserves some credit, as well. Without his return, I don't think the Eskimos would've won that game. He gave us pretty damn good field position. He took it to Calgary's 40, didn't he? That was huge. Him and Fred Stamps deserve a ton of praise for this win.

No commas would be necessary, either. 8)

...shemantics...commas, that's what I meant...

...what the hell is an apostrophe again?...

...apostrophe is when something dead/absent/non-human is addressed as though in human form and could reply...oh, and it's also a punctuation symbol used to indicate the omission of letters, as in a contraction... :stuck_out_tongue:

very cheesy , but accurate …way to go freddy!!! esks #1 :rockin: :rockin: