Stamps snub?

Dispite a better than ordinary week by Joey Elliott, it is hard to believe that Fred Stamps did not get the Offensive Player of the Week honour. One has to question what the selectors were watching or perhaps weren't watching. On any given week, Elliot's numbers would have deserved consideration, but not this week. Elliot was good, Stamps was great.

Bad choice. :thdn:


These things have always tended to favor Quarterbacks over other positions. Nothing new.

They were probably tired of giving out the offensive player award to whoever had the best game against the Ticats. :cry:

:thup: :lol:

Elliott earned the victory IMO; with the turnovers by the Als, credits to the Bomber D....Joey got the job done :thup:

And with 204 Yards receiving, Stamps didn't?

The fact is the award is for Most Outstanding Player not the player who played furthest over his head.

Great job by Stamps from Joseph in the second half; Elliott did/and or got the job done in both halfs of the said tilt..ect.


Elliott getting it done on the road may have been a factor too.