Stamps sign three, including LS Ben Whiting

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have signed three players – global defensive lineman Misiona Aiolupotea-Pei, national offensive lineman Carter Comeau and national linebacker/long snapper Ben Whiting.

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Roberson was without a doubt the #1 priority signing. Roberson would have been a top 5 hot FA commodity league wide come February.

Everyone wants Stamps players. The Riders used to fill their roster after the Stamps final cuts. Look at TO. Montreal's DBs.... The problem of course is players get greedy for an extra $10,000 or money up front.... But don't worry everyone, we'll keep recruiting and you can keep signing (does ANY other team in the CFL have a scouting staff worth a sh....?)

I could not agree more. But I wouldn't blame the players or call them greedy, naturally they want to maximize their earnings... I blame the other GMs who are either too lazy, stupid or cowardly to take time, patience and effort to build properly...

This is true. I can't remember when the Stamps poached someone... but every other GM watches the Stamps, sees a solid player and then opens the vault. Every single player the Stamps lose becomes a starter on the other team overnight. But remember boys, as I always say, if you were really that good, Huf would have kept ya. :wink: