Stamps sign National OL Zack Williams to extension

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have signed national offensive lineman Zack Williams to a contract extension, the team announced on Monday. The Winnipeg product had been eligible to become a free agent next month.

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It's great that the Stamps have extended their offensive line . This should ensure great protection for Mitchell. But time is running out before Free Agency begins. I would like to see extensions to Carey, Ambles, Jordan, Paredes, Sankey, Thomas, Thurman, & Wall. Just as a few. But I'm sure Huff is working hard to get this team established for the 2022 season.
It would be a great disappointment to see these leave because of free agency.

Congratulations re: Zach Williams

I love the way huff understands football. No o line no offence.
It seems now that all understand. To draft picks are all o line.

Good to see Canadians get recognition as players that are needed for the success of a team