Stamps sign LB Jordan Herdman-Reed

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders announced on Wednesday they have signed National linebacker Jordan Herdman-Reed.

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Jordan should be given a real shot to win the vacant MLB job there; he’s better than Awe IMO

It was certainly a surprise that the Lions released him. I wonder why!
( I’m pretty old but I remember when players were cut! Now they are released!)

Jordan or Justin? Justin is in Riderville and may very well start this season.

Jordan hasn’t been a starter so its hard to judge where hes at skill wise.

What makes You think Justin could be a starter? Before getting hurt last year was he not 3rd of 4th on the depth chart? Last year the Riders lost their starting WILL and he was still not next man up in that scenario. Is the most emergency Depth and ST?

Its kinda like fishing, for talent, I guess… catch and release?

Jordan was the starter for BC for a number of games back when he was with them (2nd season i think) in place of the injured Sol-E and IMO he played very well. (was amongst CFL tackle leaders early in the season when he played)

And what I’m going by is having seen both Herdman and Awe play MLB in the CFL; the former is quite better IMO; Awe keeps getting handed starting jobs - because of his passport - from several CFL teams, where he never sticks; he does make some big hit though, if that’s what is impressive to some out of a MLB.

Yes but the Riders lost talent at Linebacker this off season - lots of it. And may is might. Guys get hurt. that’s why you have depth guys…

Agreed. He’s the backup Will on the depth chart as things sit today. That seems reasonable.