Stamps sign Jason Armstead

From the Globe and Mail:

With Larry Taylor sidelined by an injury, the Calgary Stampeders’ return game needed a boost and may have gotten one Wednesday with the signing of veteran kick returner Jason Armstead.

Armstead, entering his ninth Canadian Football League season, has signed with the Stampeders and is scheduled to practice with his new teammates today. In his career, the import return man has totaled 13,182 yards and 24 touchdowns in 106 games. Previously, he has played for the Ottawa Renegades, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Edmonton Eskimos.

Armstead can also play receiver and in the 2005 season caught 89 passes for 1,307 yards.

Taylor was injured in last week’s game in Edmonton. Team officials have said little about the nature of the injury and how long he’ll be out of action.

The Stampeders host Winnipeg on Friday.

Have the Stamps said anything about the nature of Taylor's injury yet?

Desperate times. :lol:

Gotta love the CFL though with the name Jason Armstead still playing. :thup:

Hyper extended knee; out 3-4 weeks.

...holey guacomoley we're signing everyone, yeehaw...I'm phoning Huf tomorrow, put me in Coach!

He's a good returner, it's a solid pickup in my opinion. He might not break a return for a TD (or maybe he will to prove me wrong) but he's likely not going to make a rookie mistake back there.

He's almost played for every team in the CFL now, and one of a few left that played with Ottawa.

Armstead may be the safer option but it appears that they will be giving Coker a chance to return Kicks. As a RB his skills translate better to kick Offs and has some explosive ability but lost his role when Cornish took off and now handles the entire RB load as opposed to rotatig in Coker every 3rd series or so as origannaly planned and Matt Walter has proven to be a goo Back up seeing very limited time and is a better overall ST player. Armstead as was mentioned might be around for his experience as to not make any game changing mistakes especially as a punt returner with is a much diificult job in the CFL

I don't care if they use Crusty the Clown so long as they hang on to the ball.

i like armstead. i'm not sure why he has bounced around the league so much.