Stamps sign Hefney

That did not take long. a free agent for just one day! bring back Anderson and Browner

i doubt huf will take any crap from hef.
first sign of trouble, and hef will be gone.

Agreed drummer. Of all the coaches in the CFL at present, with Wally having moved upstairs, it is my opinion that Huf is the toughest, no-nonsense coach.

and apparently he's playing the SAM LB spot which he balked at playing while still with the bombers...twice. Curious how that worked out. He didn't want to play it here because he didn't think it was in his best interest so he refused. Wonder if Calgary told him they were interested in him only as a SAM and, in his best interests to sign a contract, he agreed. Or maybe getting cut made him grow up just a wee bit and realize he needs to do what coaches ask him, not the other way around.

....If it were just the refusal to play sam for the Bombers that Hefney was in the doghouse for, that would be one thing....Put all of the other indiscretions together and I come-up with..Mr.Hefney wanted out of Wpg and was causing turmoil on the club to meet that end...Good riddance to Mr. Non-team player and crap disturber.. We'll be better off without that idiotic distraction.:thdn:

I think its likely calgary was probably the only team with legit interest in hefney and they basically told him, if you wanna play you will play SAM.

I dont think he's playing SAM there to spite the bombers, thats just ridiculous to think.

He's playing SAM imo because quite honestly, no team wanted him as a HB and calgary was probably the only team who had legit interest in him. I mean think about it.. bombers didnt want him at HB, burke is a well respected DB coach. Why would anyone want him at HB if one of the better defensive coaches in the league didnt want him at HB.

He's playing SAM because if he didnt, he wouldnt be employed.

perhaps ate some of that humble pie a wee bit or probably in his case, brownies.

not attempting to take a shot here or anything, but it figures that it is Calgary. Huff is pretty lenient on antics.

A rather rood awakening for Hefney. The Bombers will go on without him. Allowing him to refuse to play SAM LB should have been a suspension for him last year by the BBs.
Now it is SAM LB or nothing for him.

The CBA doesn't allow for players to be suspended for refusing to play a certain position.

But it does allow for an offer of an opportunity to play a certain position or be cut.

bombers had tons of injury issues last season, cutting a guy who wasnt injured wasnt gonna help... just saying.

No it doesn't.

Your probobaly right but it does not say anything about making him a healthy scratch every week no matter how much they think they needed him on the field.
Releasing him during last season would have given him an easy out as he and the bombers new if he was released early do to that situation he would have been swept up quickly.
So now the situation he faces in Calgary he would have faced last season play Sam or don't play atall. Not being on the field for the whole season certainly would not have made his stock go up

Yes it does. You don’t need to justify cutting a player. You can just do it. That’s exactly what Winnipeg did.

Now if that player is considered a veteran and you cut him late enough in the year you’re going to wind up having to pay him anyway, but you can still do it.

At this point in training camp, it was clear a message had to be sent that “me first” won’t be tolerated by the Bombers, and good for them.

The release part wasn't what I was referring to.

There is nothing about being offered positions in the CBA. A contract gives a player the opportunity but it doesn't say anything about where. And they don't have to offer a player a position - they tell them where to play.

But there is nothing NOT about it either.

You can be cut for any reason. You can be cut for no reason. You can be cut because the coach doesn't like your face. You can be cut on the flip of a coin.

You can be cut and I have heard of no rule ever that states that the team must supply a reason for your release. Playing a certain position or not fits under that as much as anything else.

Please read my post again. I revised it while you were posting. I wasn't referring to the part about players being released.

I believe that it still takes 72 hours to clear waivers.

If Hefney is a waiver claim that means that the Stamps also pick up his contract and salary.

...maybe we're going with the roughrider position that the SMS is merely a suggestion :twisted: