Stamps sign Hecht to PR

Hecht now with Stamps

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No doubt there will more deals like these before the dust settles. By now, all teams have made their choices. Performance and injury situations will likely entail more wheeling and dealing. We should have a better idea what all teams look like by game 5.

He's only on the PR, though, right? Meaning we won't see him this Sunday and probably not in the future until and unless their starting safety is injured?

Calgary`s starting safety Eric Fraser will miss the Als game with a concussion, but will probably be replaced by an import.

Boulay has still not been signed by anyone, nor has Ferri, Guzman, Stewart, etc.

And here`s a story on some of the other unemployed vets:

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Notice Reid is on the list and while they mad mention of him being with the Als for a short period of TC, no mention of the reason he was let go. If I am not mistaken, thought it had to due with him not being fully recovered from his injury. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Tony, that's correct. He was released because he wasn't game-ready. Same reason Estelle wasn't offered a contract. Popp didn't shut the door on either player, just noted that neither one is far enough along in rehab to be of use right now.

that's what I thought. Thanks for confirming.