Stamps sign Colton Hunchak to extension

CALGARY β€” The Calgary Stampeders have signed Canadian receiver and Calgary product Colton Hunchak to a contract extension, the team announced on Friday.

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Well, that signing along with the two long snappers will put Calgary over the CAP. :joy:


Just because the Bombers run their Cap very close to the Max by signing all their expensive talent doesn't mean all Teams do that. The fact is Calgary have never exceeded their Cap. Where as the Bombers can not make that claim. (2009 season and were fined as a result, $44,687.) Huffnagel has stated if any player expects to get rich they need to sign with another team. Hunchack is a Calgarian and isn't trying to break the bank for the Stampeders, he is just happy to play for his home town.
So maybe one should do some research before posting BS.
But hey, thanks for playing the game!!!

WOW, seams like you know a lot about Winnipeg Blue Bombers, over spending their salary Cap 12 years ago.

thanks for the free rent,
Aaand your welcome.

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You are right, organizationally, Calgary has done well this past decade. And yet, other teams in the league, including Winnipeg, have found success as well. In fact, since 2010 – 8 different teams have won the Grey Cup. During that same time, we had 8 seasons where 5 or more teams (out of the 9 in the league) have finished at .500 or better, indicating a trend towards a more balanced and competitive league.

Now that’s what I like :+1: - a nice competitive league where no ONE team dominates for an extended period of time.


Better start the parade :joy: