Stamps sign Buckley

So the Stamps have signed Andrew Buckley (QB) from the U of C. I hope they'll give him a fair shot. It would be great to see him on the game day roster.

Great to see Buckley get a chance to play QB for the Stamps .

Buckley has already been with the Stampeders for two years. I have been looking forward to seeing him play for us and thought last year he might crack the roster, BUT then I found out he had one more year eligibility for the CIS, so they sent him back to school for another year.

This is the "make or break" year. I think he gets the 3rd spot this year after camp and we go into the season with BLM as the #1, Tate as #2 and Buckley as #3. I predict that Moniz gets cut. In my opinion, Buckley had a better camp and pre-season than Moniz last year, but with Buckley having the ability to return for one more year in the CIS, they opted for that.