Stamps sign Bender and Deane. Release Clarke


This will put some more Canadian depth on our line that we were
missing a little bit last year. Although I can't say for sure deane will make the cut. Bender should be a no brainer.
The release of Clarke should give our Canadian qb a shot of at least making the team. Cornell released as well. No suprise but we could use some more non import defense.

Stamps will own the West this year I think.

I concerend about our mlb position and our corners. With browner and Anderson gone,
we could really get exposed. I wasn't so sure about not re-signig lysac. hopefully jones has
something up his sleeve.

Calgary lost both its starting corners in the offseason and had a few players retire. IMO it will be another battle between Calgary and Saskatchewan for first place.

I would love to see bc up there
competing as well, but I'm not that
confident in their qb situation yet.

...any competent AC creates a gameplan around the pieces he has, so of course CJ will make adjustments to the Stamps backfield coverage plans...Browner and Anderson played lone-wolf postions, often relying solely on their high talent level to shut down equally talented receivers, with Browner often keying in on the opposition #1 was a high-risk-high-reward scenario that worked for the personnel involved....I imagine CJ will revert back to a more conservative zone approach in the Stamps backfield, at least initially until the skillset gels as the season matures...

...good to see Huf reacted quickly to his promise to ensure Sinopoli gets a legit shot at QB...should be an interesting camp

No love for Edmonton, eh? I see how it is... :stuck_out_tongue:

Ack… just when I thought the O-line might be a weakness for the Stamps, they go ahead and pull this off. Bender was ranked 2nd by the CFL Scouting Bureau last year and Deane was 12th. Oh well, let’s hope that swiss cheese defense holds up :wink:

On another note, Calgary now only has two QBs on the roster (Burris and Tate). This could make for an easy opening for Sinopoli, even though they’ll probably sign another quarterback before camp starts.

It ain't like that chief. It's a bit of a rebuilding year for you guys. I would love to see a
mueller vs sonopili game. That would be rad. Even I don't want to see the stamps vs esks games we had last season.
I don't see the esks getting first, bu I could see them easily in third and then maybe a sneaker into second.

I think Calgary has seen a lot of changes this year and could struggle out of the gates. It will be interesting in the West this year...

Stamps - a lot of key players are gone, but they will of course be a contender
Riders - New coach, new OL, a few other new faces, and aging Cates, who knows...
Lions - Wally always fields a contender and I think will be a contender for 1st place
Esks - who knows. This team has been dismantled and reassembled. I would suspect that they will be slow from the start. They are rebuilding for the future, but there have been so many changes it is just hard to predict.

Calgary is going to be fine. Browner hurts but Anderson they let walk, they could afford to pay him had they wanted.

I hope Sinopoli makes the team. I have a feeling he will. I dunno but from what I have personally seen from him, mainly just some video clips as i dont watch much cis... but from video clips and the interview and stuff he did on website here, i dunno, this guy has something about him. He has the right attitude i think. I think he just wants a shot and i think thats why calgary picked him... i wouldnt doubt this guy... he seems to want it alot.. when you want something bad enough and work hard enough, you eventually get it. I think he's got a chance.

When you truly think about it... what is the real difference between say a rookie quarterback from the states and a CIS kid like Sinopoli... Really, maybe the US kid played against better players but.... The canadian kid played the same rules no so he already has a leg up.

I mean, give these guys a chance. see what they can do. if he's as good as the american kid.. why not keep him. 3rd stringers dont play much anyways. This is what he would be to start.

as for the west...

I see..

Calgary - 1st or 2nd.... Burris, Reynolds,Lewis.. i mean really.. the offense is the same.. so the d lost a few guys.. but... fact is that d gave up about what? 20 25 points a game? so they give up 30 35.. their O will put up 40 45.
Sask - Not sure could be 1st (doubt it), could be 3rd or 4th.. new coach, but really not much difference. I dunno, the loss of fantuz might hurt them abit.. Cates is indeed getting old as is the entire rough rider roster at some key positions.. OLINE, RUNNING BACK, MLB. key positions. Their D wasnt very good last year.. Gave up lots of points.. have they improved enough to stop the stamps offense?
BC - Lulay... thats all i'll say. Could be 2nd (wallys teams always start poorly but come on strong) or could be last (maybe this is wallys last year in bc as coach) No yonus davis might hurt them... Their Oline is still abit iffy. always has been in BC tho.
Edm- Really.. they could be last years argos or blue bombers. I have no idea to be honest at all here.