You know how a couple of bad apples ruin the bag.

Most of the Stamps win with class and dignity and represent the organization and city well.

However, there are a few classless jerks on this team , that well.... just shame and embarrass me .

Not mentioning any names, but the initials are Jerrome Messem, Josh Bell, Charleston Hughes and Dave Dickenson.
I do not have to go through everything , but you all know what I am getting at.

The last straw for me was, Josh Bell. I will pay this guy's ticket out of town.
That moment with Duron Carter was the lowest act. Why, because he was on the wrong side of the 55 during warm up?

AAhh, poor baby. :cry: :cry: :cry:

He needs to be fined and suspended for 2 games.
If Dickenson had a set or spine, he would have sat him on the bench for the whole game.

And what is the issue with Dickenson ?
Every time he tosses the challenge flag, he is yelling at the ref. Just toss your crying towel, without acting like a 6 year old having a tantrum. :roll:

Remember when Jonesie said " win with class " ? Ya, THAT.

I am sure other Stamp fans will rip on me for being a turn coat, but whatever.

I expect the players on this team to start acting like adults and pros, while representing the organization and city I love.

I have now promoted my second favourite team to # 1 .


You'd probably look better in an Eskimo jersey, green and gold does wonders for people.

Other benefits include winning more Grey Cups than any other team other than the Argos (they got a head start though), having a rich tradition with some of the best players in the world (IE Warren Moon), the only CFL team that built a TRUE dynasty, and always a top notch organization with the community and hold "class" as a high priority, hence why we fired Hervey even though he was a great GM.

Just saying, it's never too late to join the only true empire, but I guess BC could use some more fans... :thup:

Noticing that performance displayed by Calgary Coach Dave Beekinoff Dickenson on the sidelines has me thinking along the lines of - now intrigued to watch EE coached by Jason Maas :thup: make the Stampeder Head Boss look silly.

Lets not get carried away. It is not so serious that I would turn Green and Gold .

Although with me , it is anybody but EE, I have always respected the class the Eskimos organization have displayed.

Wilkinson, Moon , Dunigan......... they just think of it as a standard that is passed down.

I always have a little chuckle at his body language and reactions when throwing the challenge flag. It seems like a personal slight that the official saw something different. :lol:

Even though I agree that the actions of Bell and Dickenson were embarrassing for Stamp fans( depending on who you talk to), changing favourite teams because of it seems a bit harsh. The Riders were embarrassing yesterday, for a different reason... their performance on the field... for the 1st half, we didn't have Olineman, we had white & green pylons out there... one play the right guard turned left and just let the rusher sack Glenn... Glenn wasn't without blame either, he looked like a deer in the headlights on several plays, what a predictable offence too, no imagination, and that's poor coaching... it seemed like the Riders played for on quarter, and felt good about themselves and retreated to their old selves in the 4th.

In Dickenson's defence, he has a permanent angry look on his face so maybe it makes him look overly agitated when he speaks. ("Resting Angry Face")

Yes, but the Lions were always a close 2nd for me, so it is not that much of a switch.

I am not sure it is so different than all the Stamp fans who show up in green when the Riders are in town.

These are not just one time situations. This has been going on for quite some time.
The crap on Saturday was just the topper.

BTW, Rod Black got it wrong.

He said " so many Rider fans made the trip from Regina "

NO. Perhaps some did. Most of those green jerseys are displayed by Calgarians.

…manners, meh…it’s sort of a brutal sport played by brutal men my friend, perhaps you should watch the LPGA or something softer…

I do not expect them to be choir boys or boy scouts.

Just be professional . Good for you for being 100 % behind them.

For my standards, this is not ok.

Perhaps I am over reacting.
Next time a co-worker comes within 2 feet of my desk, I will just shove them to the ground.

...Bell and Carter are not co-workers...they are adversaries...they are not supposed to 'like' each other...the rest of your complaints in your original post are indeed over-reactions, in my opinion of course...

...I want a team fired up to play hard, I want a HC arguing on behalf of his team, I want a returning LB who netted three sacks screaming to the league that he is again a force to be reckoned with...this is football for gawds sake...go watch Al Pacino's speech from Any Given Sunday and point out in there where he notes that manners are important... the meantime, enjoy cheering for the Lions, they are a good'll be a shame seeing them lose at McMahon in the Western Final :twisted:

I don't think so, I predict a b.c. - Montreal grey cup. Stamps stumble again.

...bodog still has the stamps as the GC favourite, but so far the league hasn't suspended the season and given the trophy to Calgary, so your prediction ed is certainly valid....

It is not the angry look that is of concern.

He tossed the flag, then started yelling.

What is with the yelling ?

He is not far behind Austin, when it comes to losing it.

Yes but, the adversaries are to go at it on the field during game play.
Not in the warm up, just no reason for that.

I agree, I did over react. Monday morning so calmed down a bit now.

Stamps - Lions, whoever comes out on top is fine with me.

If Carter gets ten yards onto any teams end ( even your Lions) during warmup the same thing would happen. There should be a fine and it should be against Carter. As far as Dickenson is concerned, suspect he might have been upset about having to throw a challenge flag in the first place. Those should not have been missed by the officials. Not sure what your problem is with Hughes. From reading your posts the last couple of years I suspect BC has always been #1 for you. You are probably cuter in orange and black anyway. Have a nice day.

OK point taken.
I am not aware that there is any code or official rule.
Just do not think anybody needs to blow a gasket over it.

If Carter was breaking some field rule, any Rider coach should have pulled him away.
A player on the opposite side needs to ignore the other player antics.

This thing is all on Carter. WTF are you doing. As if you weren't outmatched enough already going in, you just give the Stamps that much more "Bulletin Board" stuff to pump them up for the kickoff. Turns out Carter is who everyone knows he is. There has been no maturing since his snub by Montreal last year. To top it all off, the guy has sucked this year. Once Holly is back from the 6 game Carter is unemployed, IMO. To much money for zero production and then the other crap on top of it.

This coming from a Rider fan.

Gotta respect that.

Good on Bell for laying into Carter. Carter went out of his way to be a clown and stir the pot. Maybe he should do something before he feels he can do that, and IMO Carter will be fined.