Stamps should cut Copeland

Stick a fork in him.....he's done

If you think that, then you should have a good laugh at this: I picked him in my fantasy league. :cry:

How many dropsies, 4.
While we are at it, Ralph had 2 and Thelwell 1.

Eiders had several too.

They seemed ill prepared to play looking straight into the sun. A couple of them were guys just bracing for a hit or looking to run before they caught the ball though.

Burris kept throwing the ball high at the receivers head causing them to look into the sun. Nobody is gonna catch those. Gotta keep the ball low.

Coopeland useto be Burris's #1 target.... now he's probably #4... The Stamps miles well cut him and bring in a CIS player..... then they can cut Dales and use the import spot for a punter who belongs in pro football..... Dales has no business playing pro football

....bad drops by a seasoned out cuts are around the cornor...or the stamps might consider a trade for one of the real-good Bomber receivers.....they're not doing too much lately... :lol:

Just refreshing this post because of it's relivance....
Atleast two drops today... then another one tipped for an int.

At minimum, he should sit out a game at least. He's been pathetic the last two games, and looks to be back to his 2006 type of play again. Last year he had a good come back year, but too many drops this season so far.

If Calgary sits him, then I’m down to 1 WR. Buddy just needs to step up his game! :x

Copeland plays slot, not WR. They must have someone on the practice roster or elsewhere to sub in for him. He's not helping the team right now, so what's the point of him being on the roster?

In fact Thelwell who had two catches, one clutch at the end should move into Copelands starting position.

Not until I'm able to make trades.

Nothing wrong with copeland. He just gets the ball less because they have many tallented recievers.