Stamps set to unleash run game in Western Semi

It was cold and snow was falling in Calgary on Wednesday afternoon.

In fact, it was so cold and snowy that the Calgary Stampeders moved their opening practice of the week from McMahon Stadium to Shouldice Athletic Park, a facility with a dome where they could practice inside and out of the wintery conditions.

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I, for at least one , would enjoy Calgary fielding all three RBs ! The one problem is that doing so would mean leaving off at least one other Offensive player that could harm the Stampeder game plan. Glad I am not tasked with that decision.

  • Amendment to Article" Dedrick Mills was named a Top Performer in Week 21, rushing for 125 yards and a touchdown while averaging 8.9 yards per carry against 12 pylons. He also rushed for 103 yards and a major score in Week 20, scampering around 12 trees with ease, juking them out of their jockstraps.

Who cares what anyone rushed for in these 2 games. Could have pulled 12 beer guzzlers out of the stands who would of provided stiffer opposition and been more interested in tackling, lol. Sask in back to back weeks was by the far the most pathetic effort I've ever witnessed in any level of football...and I've watched A LOT of it over 4+ decades! On a footnote, poor Mason Fine, O-Line looked like they'd rather be at the Royal Fork Buffet. Lucky the poor kid wasn't killed out there!

If that was "by far" the most pathetic effort you've witnessed, then you haven't watched the mighty Schomoes up in Edmonton over the last couple years. Regardless, take away the last two games and the Stamps still had the best running game.
When the Stamps play in Winnipeg next week they should start Tommy Stevens, have all three running backs and run on every single play! They can have Begelton and Henry run the jet sweeps to the outside, Carey and Mills run up the middle, Logan bounce around like a top, direct snap to Philpot on occasion, and Steven do the odd 70 yard 3rd and 1. Now that Jordan is back, he can block with the rest of the receivers. :smile:

Watch BC gear up to block the run only to have the Calgary QBs throw for 500 yards.

Did Dave read this article? Did he forget the running game? Coaches who used to be ( excellent) quarterbacks, hmmmm.