Stamps seal there fate.

The whole team was all over that western final trophy today. On the other hand the Ticats never put one finger on there trophy. Last year Ticats touched and Riders didn't. I guess the Stamps are not superstitious. They might think differently come Sunday.

Yep, I won't touch the toilet seat for superstitious reasons when taking a wiz. It drives my wife nuts! :roll: I just tell her to look on the bright side. She never has to tell me to put the toilet seat down! :rockin:

Are you kidding beagle - come on man, Calgary wins in a cakewalk.

It really has less to do with superstition and more to do with attitude. Last year Hamilton was just happy to get there so they celebrated their Eastern final win. This year it's all business. The Stamps on the other seem to be in the same boat as Hamilton last year, they're just happy to be there.

Quite frankly anyone who thinks it will be a cakewalk for Calgary shows that they haven't been paying attention to the games this year. Though Calgary beat Hamilton twice, they beat Hamilton's second string QB and neither game was a cakewalk, and this was before Hamilton went on it's roll...

I'm tired of nonsense like touching trophies or not touching trophies and what it means. Do people actually believe that garbage?

And you made a spelling mistake in the title of this thread. Maybe that means Hamilton is a shoe-in to win... It's just as likely to have any impact on the game.

Calgary made a point of touching the trophy... That because their entire season has been based on doing everything differnt thean previous seasons...
FYI.. The Grey Cup will be over by the first quarter.. The Cats didnt even belong in the playoffs this year... calgary was literally in a league if their own this season.. Not that they were very good, but the other 8 teams were just terrible.. Saskatchewan was a quarterback away from being in the same league, but even Edmonton was not a good football team this season. The only teams that even belonged in the playoffs this season, just played the West final and that game was over by half time... My prediction is Hamilton 12 Calgary 35.

This is a similar tune that Hamilton fans had prior to last year's Grey Cup and we all know how that went. They are 2-7 on the road. That is something that should worry TiCat fans.

I'm always surprised on this forum at the supposed "fans" of the CFL.
You know, the ones who should know about the league and how games go?

Folks, ANYTHING can happen in a single game.
On any given day, any team can beat another.
There are no guarantees.

Ask dcmoses how his season-long guarantee of an all west teams Grey Cup is looking right now. :expressionless:

How soon some people forget......Grey Cup 2012......Calgary (12-6) vs Toronto (9-9) score....Tor-35...Calg-22
On any given day,anybody can beat anybody.Now with all that being said,Calgary no doubt will and should be favoured in this game based on regular season records they are the better team,but please don't make me laugh with the supposedly all knowing BS that this game will be a blowout and that Hamilton doesn't deserve to be there.I'm beginning to think that maybe the Bungleboy should put down the crack pipe and check himself into rehab. :roll:In other words Bungle do us all a big favour and give it a rest.Either that or flip the record over because it sounds like it's more than broken,more like there is a huge scratch on it and it just keeps repeating over and over and over and over and over.....etc etc etc :thdn:

I doubt they actually believe it deep down, but winning in sports is half mental preparation. If not touching it is something that helps them keep focused and prepared for the big game, than it's served it's purpose.

Maybe if Calgary wins it this year, it will encourage other players to pick it up in the future.

Well...Not literally...

I am amazed that this post made it by the spelling police.....good job. :thup:

Ti-Cats are going to be overmatched for the second year in a row... maybe if they build a 65 yd. brick wall at mid-field, they will be able to stop Cornish... :lol:

Edmonton tried that, Mitchell threw over it!

Your clueless

... :lol: ....maybe he meant liberally ......this is the misspelling thread aphter all....

With all the talk about how weak the East was all year, it would be fitting if a team from the East won it all. :lol:

There. I fixed some mistakes for you.

..teh stamps touche'd a troufy, there feight is seeled