Stamps score in all 3 phases for 4th straight win

EDMONTON — The 4-0 Calgary Stampeders earned their most decisive win of the season in a 49-6 rout of the Edmonton Elks in Week 5, and they did it with major contributions in all three phases.

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The TSN turning point was the 122 yard missed field goal at 12:29 in the third frame, by Peyton Logan who sprinted all the way untouched for the major which put the Stamps up 21-3 after the pat :bangbang:

Did anyone really expect the game to actually see the Elk with a hope H@ll to even come close?
you can actually answer or take it as rhetorical.


Considering they only lost to them by a TD in first meeting in Calgary and lead in that game yes , your sliders got lucky to beat the Esks a few weeks back ,your sliders got destroyed in Montreal giving Kahari Jones his only win lol here’s hoping Ottawa beats the sliders on Friday night

Reminds me of Snakes & Ladders. Working your way up, working your way up, then BAMMM!, back to the beginning you go. Sad to say the crowd was pathetic, weather or no weather, wouldn't have made much difference. Sad situation all around.

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In my books the official turning point occurred at exactly 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the first quarter when Tre Ford left the game with a shoulder injury sustained at the end of a 5 yard run. After that the Elk's offence with Arbuckle at the controls stalled and crashed.


Ford probably got all the reps leading up to this, but arbuckle did not rise to the occasion for sure…

Arbuckle rising to the occasion.

So Thursday night the Calgary Stampeders hitched up their chuckwagons and headed for the Commonwealth Stadium Parking lot. There they put on a big BBQ ! The entree was well cooked but tender and juicy ELK-MEAT BURGERS cut from the Butt! With a side order of Chris jones coleslaw all shredded up and smothered with sour sauce. Apparently, it was a great hit with the Edmonton Fans as many stayed for the meal despite the delay in serving caused by heavy rain and thunder.

Well that may be right but the fault all lies with that phony GM/HC/DC - Chris Jones. He has been riding on a BS rep for 5 - 6 years when his success was only under the direct control of other genuine GMs/HC. It was a huge mistake to hire him back in Edmonton after the shame before and in Sask. In Regina he did nothing and the Riders only had some success after he left and Craig Dickenson took over.

You guys have the best GM in the business. Dissing Chris Jones is just too easy for Calgary fans. Talk about low hanging fruit.

By low hanging fruit I'm NOT talking about what's happening in Chris Jones' pants. That kind of commentary would be beneath us... which is kinda where that subject lies anatomically speaking anyway. Let's show some class here. :smiley: :+1:

Still can't get over him leaving in 2012 & beating Stamps for the Cup??? Or is it 2015 that bugs you? Or all those guys Jones brought in to the Riders that beat you last year in the semi?? Just when you think you're over it, there's that 3 year reminder popping up? Beating them in regular season is nice consolation prize though. :sunglasses:

Oh my how the knives come out when you lose

All the hype about the All Canadian QB had some believing Elks could win. The kid has talent no doubt but Stamps are formidable. And Bo Levi looked like the Bo of old and theIr O line is like the Bombers had the last two years. The Blue needs to up grade their O line to get the running game going. Last year Brady looked almost as good as Harris running out of the O line. This year from nothing to short yards. If I were to pick a GC team today it would be the Stamps first, Blue second, Riders third. B.C. will i'm guessing finish fourth with a much better record than the last two years but they are very much a
"New team" I din't know if were allowed to bet here but if so i'll put up a nice crisp "red banknote"
Any takers ?

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My last bet was for a six pack with my brother... I lost, but intend to never pay him... But I will bet ya a few local beers on a specific island beach bar in the Caribbean... Yo be paid during the super bowl in February :slightly_smiling_face:

Again there were tornado warnings all the way up highway two with a tornado hitting Didsbury and Olds just may have been enough to keep a familly home

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Heading in to Winnipeg to demonstrate to the nation who you better prepare for
Watch out here come the stamps

They are looking pretty good. As usual I might add.

This is a little off topic but don't be too surprised if Maciocia trades Vernon Adams Jr. to the Elks.

This is a little off topic but don't be too surprised to see Maciocia trade Vernon Adams Jr. to the Elks.