Stamps round out 2021 coaching staff

CALGARY — Calgary Stampeders head coach Dave Dickenson announces two new members of his coaching staff for the 2021 Canadian Football League season.

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Very nice. Defence should be well coached

I don't profess to be a Stamps fan but those are really good hires. Stamps have a lot of continuity in their coaching ranks, which is why you can never count them out despite all the changes. As a CFL fan I do admire Dickenson & Mitchell, who calls it like it is. I would not be surprised to see the Stamps do well again this year but it will be a tall order in light of the big shoes they have to fill in a bunch of places this year. Is this the year the Huf magic is gone? One of many interesting questions around the league this year.

Losing some guys mean nothing. They might be young but soilded. In huff we trust. Our gm is not like your gm

The loses this year are not necessarily any worse than other years. It's not at all unusual for many to write them off either,... 2016 was a great example of that, going into that season it was the same talk. Even if this team is quite as good, it will not be many season before they will be again.

Exactly 2016 stamps were like the most dominated team in cfl history. The way this guy is talking is like a insult

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but history dictates this team will still be a winner in 2021

No s... there gonna be winning for the next 15 to 20 years

Mike & Stallion. Whoa. Who's my GM? Who's disrespecting the horse? 2019 West All-Stars Begelton, Rogers, Dennis, Bergman, Roberson-gone. Terry Williams #2 CFL total yards-gone. Those are great players. You don't respect those guys? You Stamp fans? Brescacin, Law, Brandon Smith, Casher, Holley, Maver-gone. Large holes to fill. Let's see the Huf magic. History, Stallion, is full of ups & downs. Remember the great 90's Stamps? Followed by 3 years in the cellar. It happens. Does Huf still have the magic? We'll see.

fair, but the only reason the Stamps faltered for 3 years was the F-Troop era