Stamps ROLLER COASTER SEASON CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is with the Stamps??? On paper they should be one of the best teams in the league! Certainly their payroll has to be way up there. Without a lucky win last week over the Esks, a game they should have lost, they would be 2-5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their coaching has been very suspect too with strange decisions at key times. What is up and how long will Stamps fans put up with Higgins and Burris????????

-Just wondering! :rockin:

Well, Burris played decent. I missed the second half, but he had decent numbers. At least he didn't throw any picks. :stuck_out_tongue:

But whatever. It doesn't matter to me. If Edmonton can win at home this week, we'll move ahead of them again. :lol:

Honestly believe it is "the One" concept. They will get:

"One" win at a time,

followed by "One" lose at time,

followed by "One" superstar reciever sitting

followed by "One" retiree coming out to play one game

followed by "One" coaching mistake

maybe they should change it to "Eleven" now, that way they could go for 11 wins in a row.

Before the season, people expected more from Calgary but the defense remains weak. Perhaps, Calgary prefer to load up on offense instead of defense? Often the schedule of opponents affect outcome and Calgary is supposed to lose in some games. Still too early to judge Calgary or any team.

Stamps are doing way better this year then most people would have thought possible.No QB .Hay thier doing great but by end of season maybe not.

Agree with both points, defence has not improved over last year, and Creehan has definitely not learned new tricks over the winter. This is the most worrisome, as it is usually the defense that gels at the start of the season, before the offenses. In theory.