Stamps @ Riders

71 yard TD for Bo and the stamps.

Suitor stunned.

Could be a good one.

Why isn’t this on a Stamps or Riders thread?
Just asking for a friend.

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Because some Ticat fans don't leave this board.

And some people don't like their comments appearing on the game tracker.

Happy to delete it though.

No, keep it! I’m glad you did this

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So far, it’s a pretty good game for the CFL after the last one…

I’m no BLM fan, but irs good to see a star QB bounce back. I hope we see the same from our Masoli

No need to delete. I was just curious as this is happening with almost every game now. Never used to happen. Most Ticat fans were not interested in the other games in years past.

The league is better when it's best players are healthy.

Too many injured QBs the last few years.

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Suits has a crush on Micah😬

Suits is literally wearing his jersey and a watermelon as he calls the game. It's a joke

Some things never change

Tied game. Exciting! Boys on both sides playing with a lot of passion.

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It sounds like we’re listening to a RR play by play on TSN


Yeah it's tough to take.

Mitchell looking like he's over his case of the yips. Good thing we played then when we did.

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Wow! What a game!

I was only planning to watch a half, but I can’t take my eyes off this game! Exciting CFL football

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Definitely one of the better games this year. Despite suitor.

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Bo out there doing Bo things.

TSN slipping. No interviews with the Dickensons family asking who they're cheering for.

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