Stamps @ Riders

Looks like Durant is back. That was a hell of a scramble to avoid a sack. Riders are looking good early. :smiley:

...nice drive by the green and white, a little luck, a lot of skill and 7 points later voila....look like they brought their A game...takes awhile for our D to wake up though...

Good way to start the game. nice TD driveโ€ฆ :slight_smile:

anybody see the sign in the backround? "Henry Burris CFL's Most Outstanding Whiner" hahahaha classic rider fans.
Looks like its gonna be an awsome game GO RIDERS

...typically we like to spot teams 7 points to make it fair...

Walker drops that ball.. otherwise we're still going.. oh well! good punt! defense is up!

and how's that done for ya lately?

And people rag on the Stamps for being arrogant and whiny... but they're really nice guys, letting the Riders think they have a chance. :lol:

WHOO HOOO I N T E R C E P T I O N! (wayoh wayoh wayoh wayoh)

and an interception too?

All part of the plan to lull the Riders into a false sense of security... :lol:

....really neilca?....apparently someone didn't tell the annoying bell ringers what the plan was....

wish we had a run game!!

...shhhhh, its a secret...

Damn I hope these two teams deliver some excitement. The other two games were dogs.

Riders need to do a better job with that run game..

...cheaters... too...

nice tackle Chick!

2nd and 20!

LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: