Stamps Riders Gameday Thread

Sask needs to win, Stamps will be putting up a fight after last weeks loss. Hopefully a good game!

GO RIDERS :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I can never understand how professionals cannot realize what is going on..

Cornish is getting the ball over and over yet the Riders defense is just mystified

Here's hoping that the officials aren't the show, like they were in last night's games.

heck I want the Riders to just stay in this game!

looks like were going 4-9

ya i know it's early but LOOK AT THEM!! they have no energy, no desire!

the Stamps are moving at will.

Calgarys O-Line is opening up seams for Cornish, and the OC for the Stamps gets credit on the Prep part of it.

yup and we aren't able to stop them.. Cornish is just moving the ball whenever he wants to.

the Riders seem to have two separate intensity levels.. one for when they're playing the Bombers, and one - totally flat - for everyone else. they were awesome in the LDC/rematch games.. now they're back to looking like the team they were before then

it's early but they don't look to be up to the task against Calgary. Stamps are moving the ball at will.

they are still missing leaders.

and they're missing some defensive stars on the line.

I don't mean cause they're hurt, I mean because they don't have one.

this game could get ugly

SOMEBODY has got to pull the Valium out of the Riders' gatorade! :x

they're making some catches, moving the ball. keep this going boys.

ok, can anyone out there answer to me why on 2nd and 10 the Riders throw a 5 yd pass?

is there something that I'm not understanding?

I hate to say this, but the 8-3 score really compliments the Riders. They are lucky to be in this.

Hopefully they don’t squander the opportunity to wake up and climb back into the game

CFL, I’m guessing that anyone deeper than 5 yds was covered, unlike what happens when we are defending 2nd and Long

ya but it seems that our offense does this a lot. 9 times out of 10 our receiver that's catching the ball is no where near the 1st down marker.

Habit developed during the Doug Berry era?

oline gave good time


Riders starting to look better now

spoke a little too soon...


the Riders have some major problems with snaps in the past couple weeks.

yikes... another fumble by Durant.. sigh.


this game is over.