Stamps Riders game?

i just want to get a read on how everyone thinks saturdays game between the riders and stamps is going to play out.

its obviously gonna be a rider win

In my opinion, Calgary has not been very impressive in their 2 wins this season. I think they could have very easily gone 0 and 3.

The game last week against Hamilton was pretty ugly with 7 turnovers overall. the only high point of the game was when Burris managed to get down to Hamiltons 40 from their own 35 in 11 seconds for a 47 yard field goal with 2 seconds left, Ordinarily this would be impressive But I personally think that Hamilton laid off thinking the game is in the bag.

The Riders on the other hand seemed to show something on offense in the second half of week 2. The defense showed up in week 2 as well. As i said in the VGCC thread if the riders can get a good game from offense and defense they will have no trouble pulling out the win.

the 13th man will be the factor at this game. :rockin: it was [i]VERY[/i] loud like last game, i assume the same will happen against Calgary

stamps lose, riders unfortunetly win.

Calgary is lucky to have a 2-1 record right now, it could be the other way, or they could be winless. Joseph is getting nestled in with the offense and the D is hungry to show last week's performance was no fluke.

Riders 34
Stumps 18

50 - 28 for Calgary right now, late in the 4th Quarter. Can you say LAST PLACE?? Perhaps it is the lowly riders that are lucky to have won a SINGLE game this season. Oh well, they're used to the basement, right? :lol: :lol: :lol:

What a disgracefull display of football. Poor on offense, defense and coaching.Is this whats called entertainment? i'm supposed to fork out money to watch players QUIT.....WHAT A JOKE..........GO RIDERS GO

I think the offense was ok, but its the D and special teams that let the Riders down in this one. The D was supposed to one of our strengths, but Calgary scored at will, giving up 45 and 53 points in two losses just wont cut it, Shivers needs to find players who will push some of the defensive starters for jobs...

Armstead with three TDs.....too bad he couldn't celebrate them with a win.....

Joseph needs to cut down the fumbling - other than that the offense was all right.....the D needs some serious making over, it appears.

Wow, does my statement ever make me look stupid...

jman it is not you, it is the entire rider club that made what you said look stupid, not to mention the 23000 fans that paid to watch their garbage. What is really stupid is we all should have known better, nobody should have showed up to watch and Shivers and Barret and the entire Rider club should start answering for their failures, instead of making excuses.

That game lasted 3 hours. If you think about it, I could have instead went to the theatre, watched my least favorite movie, paid to watch it twice and saved myself 40 bucks. For the next home game I am going to stay home and watch the 1966 grey cup game on tape. Hell, that is what the Riders themselves should do too.

is it just me, or does kenton keith tango with the defenders as opposed to running away from them? he had 5 carries for 12 whole yards... The riders should have taken george reed out from the endzone stands and put him in...

Good idea just maybe the Riders team of today should watch it also to see what it takes!