Stamps retain control of playoff destiny with win over Lions

VANCOUVER — The Calgary Stampeders are just one result away.

The Stamps kept control of their post-season destiny with a 41-16 win over the BC Lions on Friday at the BC Place.

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Not sure if Calgary earned that win, BC pretty much gave it to them with a nice big bow on top. Lots of different Lions chipped in on the gift.

Well I had to PVR this game and… I don’t think I will put myself through 3 hrs of hardship. Hopefully the Saturday games are entertaining.

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Thanks Stamps …. From a Bomber fan … I would be surprised if the Riders beat the Argo’s… you likely just punched your ticket to come back to BC in November … regardless of what happens in the Riders game, the Bombers won’t be pressured to win that final game in Calgary … it’s a win/win for both our teams … Go Blue :blue_heart::yellow_heart:


After Calgary’s stunning win against the toothless Lions, I can not see the Lions winning the semi-final. It proves that when you rock Adam’s boat with a strong rush, Adams will sink. Getting Adams is the key to victory. :chess_pawn: :100:

Playing Adams was a mistake. We don’t really know how bad that knee is. I’ve had a tear in my MCL which didn’t require surgery. But our annual ski trip to the Rockies was out for that winter. I would have given him an extra week. Even with a win the likelihood of grabbing 1st was next to zero. Not a good decision.

The path to the GC got a lot easier for the Bombers this year. Overall the East has been better than the West this year. Grabbing a playoff spot out west wasn’t a big sweat for the 2 top clubs.

The Riders are at home and desperate, the Argos will be resting players and may not be motivated. It will likely come down to the Bombers at the Stamps next week.

And desperation didn’t cut it… Not surprising the Riders found a way to beat themselves… I think many changes are due in the off-season, especially the coaching…