Stamps replica Championship rings for sale

Cally Collectibles specializes in replica Championship rings. These rings are big, shiny and heavy, and deisgned to look like the ones the players are given for all their hard work. Great for the man cave, or to frame with your favorite Stamps jersey. Check out our facebook page and website for our complete inventory.

Wow, those look great..

Stamp players should jump on these rings. It will be the only way they ever see one. They have officially moved in to the perennial chokers category.

Nice call at the 2 yard line Dickenson. Pull the MOP and the leagues rushing leader out of the game and insert your 3rd string QB. Brilliant!!!!

Redblacks thought the game was over until DD sprinkled them with pixie dust and inserted Buckley. :thdn:

Buckley has the same QB sneak move in every game (right side) and the Redblacks saw it coming. Everyone in the stadium saw it coming, except DD.


Bitter Stamps fan

...Buckley had a lot of success this year but yeah, when you put him in there it's basically telegraphing the play...the decision to not leave BLM and Messam in there to take care of it is going to haunt DD for a long time...