Stamps remove Bo Levi Mitchell from 6-game injured list

CALGARY — Bo Levi Mitchell‘s stay on the six-game injured list is over.

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Good fo Bo, I felt he would recover quickly.

Not starting on labour day is he??

Anyone know?? Cause I gotta change my friggin fantasy lineup and it took FOREVER to get it how I want it

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No idea but Dickey said as soon as he is able to play he will, so I would guess he will play. No point practicing if he won't play. Good luck!

Well there's no point in removing him if he's not going to play.

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This is fantastic news for the Canadian Football League. The return of future HOF quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell is a welcome addition to the Stamps improving situation. The Week 5 match-up with the Elks should be a excellent game with or without BLM ! I hope you can stay healthy for the remainder of the 2021 season.

P.S. Bo knows football inside and out. :star_struck: :top: :canada: :football:bo-levi-mitchell-2019-8-300x169

Idunno. Maier has looked better and has better numbers in his 2 games than Bo had in the first 2.

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True but you are not factoring in that Mitchell was hurt and trying to play thru the pain. Mitchell has the experience and the proven past talent. He will do fine as long as the stamp receivers and O line do their jobs. Which I am sure they will do their best to accomplish.

Bo has either overthrown, underthrown, wasted wide out passes, been intercepted, been sacked, has run for nearly zero yards and then comes up with " I have a broken leg" excuse! He's basically a one dimentsional QB who can only throw when all the conditions are perfect for him to be able to do so. The test of a "true QB" is to be able to make something out of nothing and be as creative with the ball as possible! With Bo at the draw, his play is 100% predictable by any Defense. This is the problem of management and coaching. Every back up QB that has come in to replace him, has done much better despite given next to nothing for opportunities. I'm afraid Bo has to go!

Bo is still a great QB.

Now if Bo starts and he doesn't have a great game.....I think the controversey gets a little more heated.

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Bo must be worried that the kid is going to take his job. Pucker up TSN guys, he'll be back soon.

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But he is still frail and one dimentional. He wouldn't last 1 game in the NFL. He needs to better lead the runner when throwing a pass, as opposed to having the receiver stop and wait for the ball. Not good and very dangerous for the receiver. The team is otherwise not too bad considering all the coaches and players they have lost to other teams. Mr. Huff...are you listening??

The contraversy started quite awhile ago actually. Our season tickets are positioned beside the Grandparents of our last back up QB, and they felt that he didn't get a fair chance. As a result; our QB went back to University to complete his law degree.

This is Bo's team, make to mistake, there is no controversy at all

Whenever I watch Bo play, I always come away with the thought, that Bo, is really not doing his best. After a quick two and out, he just takes his time getting off the field and grabs his ipad like a kid grabs their Teddy Bear. I never get the feeling that he is focused and giving it 100%. Perhaps I'm wrong, and I will appologize in advance if I am, but this sport, like every sport, requires lots of courage and focus!

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do the 2 Grey Cup MVPs, 4 western crowns and 2 MPOs all before 28 not count for something?

Welcome to the forum Glen

On good teams, when a QB is struggling, he gives way to the back up to see if that improves the situation. Not here however. Here, we live or die with a guy who can go for many quarters of football and play terrible with no consequences.