Stamps Release Thurmon; Napastuk Retires

The website reports that the Calgary Stampeders have released import wide receiver Elijah Thurmon. The Stamps also announced the retirement of defensive tackle Sheldon Napastuk today.

Thurman may be a Nice Pickup…
We need another WR with CFL Experience

Here comes the WR cuts I talked about months ago. Wait a few more days and the Sask is next to cut a few. Marcel is the only one in a position to pick these guys up if he feels its necessary.

I think whoknows is on the right track here. There will be more quality receivers coming available, particularly from overstocked Saskatchewan, and I suspect that they will be better than Thurmon, who has never particularly impressed me........he's not bad mind you, but I'd be hard pressed to say that he's really starter material.

Who do have with CFL Experience?

Mike Brock Taylor Kwame

Thurmon is better then all of these Guys at this point.

Mike is at The end of a Very Good Career
He is not hall a of Fame Type Receiver

Brock has only Shown Promise so Far
Same with Taylor.

Kwame has Been Lucky to have Job
He not that good
If Fact he Should Been Cut last year in Camp

jus wait for sask n calgary to drop more after camp