Stamps release RB Joffrey Reynolds

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surprised Huffy wasn't able to trade JR, although I'm certain there will be some interest on the open market.
He's only 32 and has put up spectacular numbers during his career.

General consensus in Facebook is everyone being shocked, I for one am not as shocked because of Cornish's play but if he goes down who do they have, other opinions are that Hamilton fans sure want they guy which I don't understand as they have Avon. Edmonton and Saskatchewan were also discussed by fans on Facebook

If Cornish goes down they have the guy that actually took Reynolds spot on the roster, and had a great year with his little amount of play, I believe his was Coker maybe. I believe he had a real good average when him and Cornish were splitting reps(not equal mind you).

Just looked up his stats, he was averaging almost 10 yards a carry on 24 carries. Wonder how he will do with more carries.

Best of luck Joffrey. You were a great Stampeder and will go down as one of the best ever to wear a Stampeder jersey.

Thank-You for being a class act!!


I think he would be a good fit in Montreal. If Whitaker were ever to go down or his 2011 season was a total fluke who would we turn to? At least bring him into camp and see how much gas he has left in the tank!

sask or winnipeg in his future.

Even Edmonton may be interested should Messam manage to get a shot in the NFL.

Can't see Winnipeg being all that interested.

No thank you. All credit to him for a great career otherwise.

Great career and classy guy. Having said that, he's on the decline of his career and at age 32, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the end of the road for him. 32 year old, american running backs are about as valuable as winter boots in the middle of the sahara desert.

He's been a super player but someone who never had that break away speed but would pound the ball and as tough as nails as they come. All the best to him, enjoyed watching him play throughout his career.

Your "sounding" like his career is over. Like you say he's a powerful North-South runner who does not rely so much on speed as he does on brute force and skill and while he had a difficult season last year so did the whole team on offense. It's not like he's been sliding over a couple seasons. 2008-9-10 were all consistent and top notch. I think it comes down to a couple things. What kind of money he's willing to accept and finding a team that has use for more of an "NFL" type back in their scheme. Make no mistake Reynolds is still the most powerful back in the league. You can make a case for Messam and Boyd but they haven't been able to play through an entire season without injury...

And that's part of the problem. The average career for a running back lasts less than four years. At 32 you have to think it's just a matter of time before Reynolds goes down. Do teams really want his salary on the DL? If he stays in shape and is willing to accept fill-in pay he might get another mid-season shot.

...Very good buddy of long before the cats give him a call :wink: ..If they can sign him for a realistic price , he could be an addition there....As far as Wpgs. interest in him...not very much if any...Garrett and Volny (next Cornish) fill the bill nicely for the Bombers, with two imports waiting in the wings, Bloi.D Dorzon and Chad Simpson(mack finds) we're good.. :slight_smile:

Joffrey does have good numbers in his bio and is one of the best power running backs in the league. Reynolds could/may end up in Edmonton?..., Jerome Messam; who knows he may stick in the NFL. All in all I think he does have fuel left in the tank and may end up somewhere.

...Martell Mallett has apparently decided he wants to return to the CFL, (according to media reports in Regina and the riders site)...Might be tougher for Reynolds to find work if this guy is available :roll:His agent has apparently approached B.C. and Calgary

Sorry, didn't mean to imply his career is over necessarily, when I say all the best I mean in football or not in football. I've always liked him in his interviews and his demeanor, seems like a classy guy.

Well Pringle was able to start till he was 36-37, he won a Grey Cup in Edmonton two years after he left Montreal. Pringle is the most similar Back you can compare to Joffrey in body type and running style. Another is Ricky Williams who is still playing pro ball. Cobourne is the same age as Reynolds and has sustained more injuries and still starting. I don't think Reynolds will be offered the 150k a season he was making but in the right system I would have no problem signing him.

Why ? Mallett is a much bigger gamble than Reynolds. One of the things your buying with Reynolds is superb work ethics and leadership.