Stamps release Lobehndan

Not sure of his recent health but would he be worth looking at?

Look at...for what? Does this team have linebacker problems? Do you know who are starting middle linebacker is? While we're at it, maybe we should bring back Zeke Moreno. Why is there not a "shaking my head" emoticon?

8) Lobehndan has had 3 major knee surgeries, and he was trying to make a comeback with Calgary. He failed.
   His knees are shot !!!

    What about this emoticon pope,      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The op clearly states that he is unsure of Lobehndan's health status, and asked the opinion of posters who would know....and gets ridiculed for asking :roll:
You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

No kidding. No wonder I feel less inclined to post on here.

Sorry, Wallace. Some just aren't nice.

But on your topic, sort of, the Stamps added another linebacker to the practice roster instead. From Sportsnet

"[b]The 29-year-old Honolulu, Hi., native had been fighting through three knee surgeries to try to resurrect his career in Calgary, but because of the solid play of Juwan Simpson and rookie Deron Mayo continuing to make a name for himself, there was no room to keep Lobendahn.

In other Stamps news, the team added linebacker Wilkerson DeSouza to the practice roster."[/b]

Nah. The Cats already have Eiben to fill the too-old-to-play role on this team. :slight_smile:

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