Stamps release Armour after 'on field incident'...

...happened today....don't know what caused it or what it was about...

That is strange - guess we'll have to wait for more to come out on this one.
The Calgary Stampeders have cut a member of their 2008 championship team.

Linebacker JoJuan Armour was released Monday morning, stemming from an incident Friday in practice.
Armour apparantly threw receiver Jeremaine Copeland to the ground, and head coach John Hufnagel immediately ended practice.
Hufnagel read a statement to explain the move:
“I’m very disappointed to make this announcement. We have a very clear policy on team discipline, whether it’s on the practice field, during games or off the field. JoJuan chose not to follow that policy recently during practice, therefore I chose to make this decision.
“We require that players practice safely and have respect for their teammates on the practice field. Unfortunately, JoJuan put his teammates at risk on multiple occasions recently and I can’t accept that kind of activity.?
The 32-year-old veteran was entering his second season with the Stamps.
This leaves the middle linebacker position wide open with Lemarcus Rowell, draft pick Tristan Black and newcomer Tray Blackmon trying to win the starting job.
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He Great Player and I Love his Style of Play.
But he seem to make problem for his self

....WOW.....and i thought Mike Kelly was tough, as far as discipline goes, when he cut a very promising player in Ramonce Taylor........Just proves one thing ....don't cross the Huffer or Crazy Kelly... :?

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You can interpret the release of JoJuan Armour any way you want, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and until I hear otherwise, I’ll take Stamps coach and general manager John Hufnagel at his word when he says it was a series of on-field incidents during practices that led to the decision.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was on Friday, towards the end of the afternoon session, when Armour broke a training-camp taboo with a rough tackle of one of the Stamps’ ball-handlers, believed to be Jeremaine Copeland. The pair exchanged angry words coming off the field that day when Hufnagel abruptly ended the practice and sent the players to the locker-room, and according to Hufnagel, Armour had been warned prior to Friday that any similar incidents wouldn’t be tolerated.
So that’s that.
But — and there’s always a but — you could make the argument that the Stamps braintrust accomplished a few things by releasing Armour.
For one, despite Hufnagel’s insistence on Monday that he doesn’t believe in the concept of “sending messages?, this certainly did “send a message? to returnees that it’s never a wise decision to rest on one’s laurels.
Not that Armour did; far from it. So eager was he to be on the field after being diagnosed with a heart murmur that he ignored medical advice and practised before he’d been officially cleared to do so.
(As an aside, I’ll be curious to see if Armour pursues any kind of legal action, accusing the Stamps of releasing him because of the heart murmur. I find it difficult to believe he’d have a case. If a player can be released because of a bum knee, why can’t he because of a heart murmur? And, besides, it had nothing to do with the heart murmur.)
There’s no question Armour’s former teammates were visibly affected by Monday’s news, particularly his linebacking brothers in arms Shannon James and Dwaine Carpenter; in fact, the three were planning to share a home this season. If there was a comfort level or a sense of security among the Grey Cup champs, it is gone now.
As well, Armour was being pushed hard in camp. Up until Friday, there was no question that he would be the opening-night starter on July 1 against Montreal, but it wasn’t so clear that he’d be in the same position later in the season. Lemarcus Rowell has taken significant strides throughout training camp, and the Stamps are extremely high on rookie Tray Blackmon, who probably is the middle linebacker of the future on this team.
I sincerely doubt the Stamps will go the free-agent route to replace Armour; they believe they have the talent in place to take his spot, and until proven otherwise, expect the team to stand pat.

Dumping him because of the heart murmur is an interesting take on it.

Now will amyone pick him up?

It's my bet that the argos will sign him.

Since there is an oversupply of football players, coaches might feel that some players can be easily replaced. Apparently, linebacker is not a hard position to fill. Unfortunately, being released at this time might be harder to find a job. Probably better to be released early before this season so that players have time to prepare for a new team.

...he'll be picked up before the end of the week...he is an agressive go-to-the-ball player and I for one will miss his game...but if he is having trouble understanding the dimmer switch on the aggressor control then that is a liability that a team doesn't need, nor want...someone though will say 'I can make him change, and he's an asset in our LB corp', hey good luck, all the best...

...this incident speaks a lot about Huf...I mean, why didn't we trade Armour?...there might be some deal to be had there...but what I think went down is Huf drew a line, made it clear what the consequences were if crossed, and when that line was crossed he brought the hammer down, to show he meant it...he couldn't back down at that point and say 'well Jojuan, lets see how we can help you', nope he skidded him out the door...sent a signal?, you bet...will the horseys be rattled for tomorrow night's tilt in Saskatchewan?...or will they be all-business? Who knows?...

...I see Armour in TO....

Well Red the Argos have Moreno at MLB.

What team could use some help at MLB?

Seems to me Saskatchewan lost Mo Lloyd..................

So I see him in green..................

But... do the Riders want a player with that kind of issue on their team?

I don't think they do.

I think he gets picked up soon. He has a sweet style of play.

They probably tried to trade him since the incident happened Friday and there were no takers. Im sure they had to say why they were trading him when asked. Hes alraedy 32 I dont see anyone rushing out to get him. Maybe when teams start getting injuries he will get a call.

Anyone who body slams Cope is okay in my books.

And Copeland didn't instigate this in anyway? I don't think Armour just slammed him for no reason.

LOL...............good point. I suppose there are more than a few players in the CFL who would love to body slam Copeland..............but on the other hand, it is only practice.

I remember a game last year that the stamps had to play without Armour, kicked out on the first series.

Without a MLB, and somebody to stop the run, Wes Cates was closing in on 200 yds. The stamps didn't fare too well.

CKNW reported this morning that BC has picked him up.

He better toe (or tow...jm02, help me here with my grammar) the line with Wally or Wally will cut him too!

He does. But I hope the Riders don’t give him a shot. Remember the 2 games last year when he got tossed? Not something we need right now. Actually reminds me a little of Lamar McGriggs.