Stamps release All-Star RB Joffrey Reynolds ... 82141.html

surprised Huffy wasn't able to trade JR, although I'm certain there will be some interest on the open market.
He's only 32 and has put up spectacular numbers during his career.

A Cobourne and Reynolds tandem would be quite the fantasy powerhouse duo if Grant is unable to regain form after the severe injury he incurred last season.

Bring him to Hamilton but only if they can spell his name correctly - it should be "Jeffrey" not Joffrey

sorry mikem, but um, check things out before a post like that

what he said

We already have a 32 year old runningback, no need for another.

Reynolds has already beaten the odds with his longevity in the league. It seems like RB is the most expendable of all positions. Even guys that have 1,000-yard seasons can find themselves out of work a year or two later, as teams pull someone younger and cheaper out of the great Pez Dispenser that is the American college football system.

Wow you guys really don't have a sense of humour do you!!

I say let's welcome "Jeff" here - or does this snob call himself "Joff"

We don’t need Joffrey Reynolds. I haven’t heard anything to indicate that Grant won’t be back.

I surmise that his injury is now okay or will be by training camp.

Try telling that to NHL SUPERSTAR Joffrey Lupul.

Professional athlete Joffrey count: 2

Professional athlete Jeffery count: 0

No problem, Mitch. I think people were taking you seriously and missed the joke.

No idea if he goes by Joff or not, but I really wouldn't expect him to go by Jeff, given that that isn't his name.

Maybe you should concentrate on championing to lower the Canadian content in the CFL, rather than correcting player name spelling