Stamps refuse to use the injury card

Kudos to the Stamps for not using the injury bug as an excuse, instead they simply go back to the drawing board and keep finding ways to win, despite arguably being the worst hit by injuries in the league. About the only aspect of the Stamps game to avoid injuries has been at quarterback.

The latest and arguably the biggest blow is the loss of Charleston Hughes. Can the Stamps overcome the loss of their best defensive player. Reports from Calgary vary from out for the regular season to out for the rest of the year.

Hopefully for the Stamps, he will get back for the playoffs.

You could also extend that to the Ticats who have had multiple injuries in EVERY area of the team, including of course their MOP QB Collaros. Only their 3 starting LBs have started every game (Simoni Lawrence did miss part of the last Montreal game though).

When Calgary played in Hamilton a few weeks ago it was mentioned that between the two teams they had THIRTY players on the 6 game IL (16 Hamilton, 14 Calgary). I think that Hamilton might have been slightly more unlucky with the injury bug this season. They still have 14 on the 6 game and a half dozen on the 1-game although I think a couple of them will be off this week. You will not have heard them use the number of injuries as an excuse either, even when their national depth has been sorely tested.

In spite of all this they are still in first place in the east with a good chance to end the season there. They may not be roaring quite as loudly without Zach, but they are still well in contention.

Woah! THAT IS huge!

A compliment from an EE fan.

Wow , thanks. That is quite an honor.

BTW, Stamps - Ti-Cats.

Wow just wow. Are these teams cursed ?

I said it before.

You could build an All-Star team with these guy's injuries

An Eskimo fan but also a Stamps season ticket holder. The only time I don't cheer for the Stamps is when they play the Esks.

That's blasphemy. Those no good scoundrels from the south deserve everything they get . :cowboy: :wink:

Including guys getting injured ?

The irony is that Hughes was injured during the bye week. This is when players usually are recovering from the knicks and bruises. Not much information about how it happened.

Added to the injury list coming off the bye does not necessarily mean that he was hurt during the bye. The teams are only required to update their transactions 24 hours before kickoff of their next game. Any player can be added to the 6 game retroactively as far back as the last time that he played. he may have been injured 2 weeks ago and was just added to the list today. That is legit.

Except the Stamps did say he was injured in practice.

Except the Stamps did say he was injured in practice.

I guess you didn't see the wink at the end .

I totally agree that the Stamps have done a great job in not using the injury card this year and probably why they are Grey Cup Champs amongst other notable reasons from last season.

Kent Austin in Hamilton has the same philosophy and after the majority of his team has been lost to injury this year he won't give in and use it was an excuse. The number of starters in the Ti-Cats that have gone down this year and been replaced you could easily build another team in the CFL and be highly competitive.

The problem in places like Saskatchewan when they lost Durant that was it, season done! They still had all the other great players healthy, why couldn't their scouting just have brought in another good QB or two to compete rather than laying hopes on Glenn than he got injured and they were sunk.

The same in Winterpeg, they lost Willy and the slide to the basement started, both teams had their stars injured from the start of the year as in Regina, in Winnipeg at least Willy got some games under his belt and wins but the bombers were never the same after.

Other teams have adjusted to losing starting QB's, this has been the year of lost QB's due to injury. I have to add though that although I respect Calgary for not playing the injury card, they might not be that way if they had lost Bo Levi Mitchell and Drew Tate early in the season or just Mitchell?

Pretty much every other team has lost their starting QB except for Ottawa, Calgary, and part of the season Edmonton with Reilly out.