Stamps RedBlacks GDT

Surprised nothing started yet.

A touchdown a piece early on in this one.

Also someone please tell Calgary to ditch the black helmets, they don't look good with their road uni's.

Big TD by Chris Williams. 0/3 on the PAT so far and a missed field goal. Bad kicking.

Fast game.

INT = Ottawa is a very good team.

Big interception by the RedBlacks. Feel like they've been in control so far in this first half.

...sorry but they are only into year 4 of their 6 year investment...(I hate them too)...

Meh... I've seen worse.

…secondary coverage on Williams’ 2nd TD was abysmal…this from a secondary that thought they were very highly ranked…

That was a really poor decision by Harris on the interception, and a nice play by the Calgary DB to make a play on it. Ottawa could have really started to pull away there, now Calgary is marching back.

< 5 minutes left in the half. Fastest first half of the season.

Any chance that Calgary lets Maver kick some field goals this year? Paredes has been pretty atrocious so far.

Always funny when you see a 3 man rush get a sack.

Prevent defense Ottawa... never works.

Ottawa leads 13-10 at the half. I think Calgary will probably take that, could have been much worse.

...we'll see how much Dave has learned about second half adjustments now...

It took me awhile to figure out who was who.

My heart says Ottawa but I have Calgary in my weekly picks.

I see Milo is in peak Rider form, hitting the goal posts.

Other than the chip shots, the kickers are terrible in this one.

When I flipped on the TV, I thought, hey those new RedBlack uniforms look pretty good. Then I realized those were the Stamps.

William's is having a season.