Stamps Record

What is everyones prediction for the Stamps record this year?

Well, I’m no good at predicting records, but I do think we’ll be battling it out for 2nd to 4th … unfortunately I think that we’ll likely end up on the bottom end of that deal, simply because we haven’t been together so long.

Although, we had BC’s number last year, we should be able to split the Labour Day series, and Winnipeg will (hopefully!) be free wins … granted, that’s what BC said about us last year :wink:

I’m gonna say 9-9 … which isn’t great unfortunately, but compared to last year it’s incredible!!!

I think you guys have a good chance of finishing 3rd. I think Saskatchewan is really overated, and with your upgrades in Burris and Copeland, You’ll do well. I like your Linebackers and your defense. Yes the defense played a lot last year, but I liked the way they played. 9-9 and third place is more reasonable than most give credit for.

I agree sportsmen and I think Edmonton is a bit overated. I think their coaching staff is suspect here much like Calgarys a year ago. BC played with Saskatchewan yesterday and I mean they ruled them. The Riders did well until BC put their A team in.
So I think Calgary 3rd or 2nd depending on the coaching in Edmonton. The dark horse is Winnipeg.

With Burris and Copeland the Stamps are twice as good as last year so…
Let me just check my math… 6 wins! Yup 6, you heard it here first!

ha ha ha ha bumped your head hard and lost your abacus

By my caculation the stamps only won 3 games last year. Your not counting that first “win” against the Riders are you? Didn’t you know that Shivers cut a deal with Ferderik in the off season last year? The Riders would throw the first game if Federik hired Matt Dunigan as coach / GM! As far as I can see Shivers was just holding up his end of the bargain.

…loony…so 1-1 in the PS…Higgins today said he was happy with our first stringers against BC first stringers…our 2nd guys against their 2nd guys, different story…

I predict that Billy Powers (if he is still calling the game) and his sidekick will whine about the refereeing after every Stampeder loss.

R& W saw the game last night. Your team played pretty well, although our defensive line kept Burris on the run. I don’t know if our pass rush was that good, or your O-line was "nicked"up a bit. I would have liked to see your starting defense in longer. I like watching Coe and Grace, but I didn’t remember seeing much of them. (I don’t remember seeing Grace…Maybe I was at the concession) I think Higgins started subbing in defenders after the 1st quarter.

I still like your chances (See previous post) of finishing third. For an exhibition game, It was a very good entertaining game! Bring on the real season now!

good assessment Sportsmen. I can say one thing if the Riders think they can beat the Lions they are sadly mistaken.

The Stamps will suck this year. The Riders actually Evaluated talent, while BC went for the win. Good on them. Calgary: 5-13
No O line
Weak D-line
unproven secondary
terrible head coach
Burris beter like throwing the ball straight up with that o-line[/b]

…yes bradley, you are bad…bad at football evaluation…another fuzzy-memory rider fan who seems to forget that Calgary’s O-line was second in least sacks allowed last year, and only made stronger this year by adding some new talent…weak D line!? mean the same one that led the league in D stats last year?..terrible head coach?..sorry bud, on this one it’s clear you have been using slivovitz in your corn flakes instead of milk…go sulk in your grainery and hope for a better season than your ptitful riders will have at 7-11 vs. the Stamps at 11-7…bye bye playoffs for the boys in green…

you’re right
Maybe YOU have been smelling all of that oil…
good o-line???
Maybe because you had/have NO QB
Good d-line?
Oh yeah, you were last in the West last year for WHAT reason??
Stamps will go 5-13
Tom Higgins: sorry, but he was a glorified yes man for HUGH?
Get YOUR stats right
Burris is WAY over-rated
He threw a ton of int’s LAST year with a stud o-line
The Rider 2nd string line could start for the Stamps.
Oh yeah, Running game?? Reynolds: Slow off the breaks, cuts INTO trouble, and questionable breakaway speed.
Oh yeah,
ever hear of an auger, jerkoff?

Brad, did they shut down another mental hospital in Saskatchewan. You found a computer and thought you would post something meaningful. Wow! Better find a new home! And at the same time repair your brain it has over worked. I can not think of one thing that is good on that Rider team. Maybe give those cheerleaders a chance. Oh ya they are ugly like the team.

…yup, bad guy alright…using them stinging words like jerkoff…you guys suck this year, face it…

God you’re stubborn aren’t you… Why don’t you just wake up and smell the BS that you’re full of. Saying that the Riders don’t have one good thing going for them is just pure stupidity. Look at some stats for maybe 2 seconds and you’ll see the Riders have a lot of good things going for them. Last year they led the league in rushing with the best runningback and O-Line in the league. The D-Line was leading the league in sacks for a good duration of the season. We made it to the Western Final and lost by a point all with a sub-par Quarterback! Just wait until we put our real QB into the scheme of things, then we’ll REALLY see what the riders have going for them.

…yup, stubborn…and your REAL QB is?..

They think Nealon Greene is a real QB. Guess that means that both Toronto and Edmonton thought he wasn’t. Matters not, the guy should be on the all-fragile team and will probably be out for the season with an injury within the first four weeks.

…that’s what I thought…