Stamps projected to win West

Wow, they must have a super hi tech computer to make that choice! Must have broke out the commodore 64!

West final at McMahon November 23;

Edmonton - 12 (if they make :cowboy:
Calgary - 16

I was going to vote in the polls at the bottom of the page, but for best in the east they won't let you pick "Crossover". 8)

Another headline from the 'No S**t Sherlock' catergory ...

And like every year, the first place finisher will get upset in the divisional finals. If recent history means anything. it almost isn't worth the struggle to get that bye week.

...stats have shown it's a 50/50 chance...but the stamps haven't had the lucky 50 percent half for sure...

Really? 4 for 4 against the west in the last 4, oops, already gave the win to the Cats this Saturday

Stamps already have 2 vs the Riders. so 13-2. for sure.

That's like projecting points will be scored during a game this year.

if the Redblacks are playing the Roughriders, I’m not sure how good a prediction that actually is.

You just saw it 2 weeks ago. Probably the highest scoring game of the year. But other than that great comment. :roll: :roll:

…what? throwing in the towel already? I actually see SSK winning on Friday, maybe not by a whole lot (kicker duel?) but still a win…the horsies get pay back on the 24th but they split these two games, home and home…

The Stamps will need to win that first one because the Riders will have their new savior in place by the time the rematch comes around. You heard it here first the new Qb for the Riders will be…Henry Burris, no… Kerry Joseph, no… Matt Nichols, no…Buck Pierce, no that’s not it either, stay tuned there is a saviour on the way. :cowboy:

Meanwhile, all of the CFL World feels bad for the Riders, I think. :lol: :lol: :lol:

In other news, Thursday to follow Wednesday....

Tomorrow's article "Redblacks projected to finish last"

Tomorrow's article "Redblacks projected to finish last"
yeshhh thanks for ruining that surprise :roll:

lol…sorry…I should have put up a spoiler alert :cowboy:

And since then the Riders lost a QB and scored a total of three points in two games. So, you know. Slight difference.

No, they scored 35 points in 2 games, or are you just randomly selecting a couple games and ignoring games played in-between them?

Uhhh, no, Sunseri played that entire game. Durant has been out since Sept 7 in Winnipeg. So, you know, again, close to a great comment. :lol: :lol: