Stamps President Steps Down

Could this open the door for Lyle Bauer to succeed Scotty Ackles ?

....could who enters our door...IF THIS IS THE CASE :roll:

Could explain a lot things, why the BOD has been in a holding pattern, and yes, who might be the replacement for Mr. B. ?

Well that's would be half the problem fixed and the Bombers don't even have to write a cheque to the 10 time "L" :thup:

Congrats Mr. Modulator :smiley:

Why would Calgary having seen the problems in Winnipeg sign Bauer. Makes no sense.

...Kelly being more it appears that there 'could' be a new gm on the horizon....seems like something might be forthcoming from Maroons rd. in the way of direction for 2010....i just get that feeling :wink:

Toronto fired Andrus today. They realize that if changes need to be made, they need to happen before Christmas. If Kelly is still coach by the 25th, you will be stuck with him.

Toronto changes coaches like I change socks...where has it gotten them???

Lots of us are OK with being 'stuck with him'

Lots are not.

But Housedog...Sometimes people make a mistake in life, it does not mean he should lose his job over it, does it???

Ah Hello calling Mars...Kelly has made a ton of mistakes and shown he is incompetant in all aspects of his job. Not just 1 mistake.


Sure is starting to look that way...

I don't believe for 1 minute Calagary will sign him.