Stamps potential free agents

some interesting names on this list, in addition to the obvious one. some guys will get paid.


That list is probably the biggest reason for the BLM thing. Not may guys on that list other teams wouldn't mind getting their hands on and Huff has his work cut out to put a team together for next year......

You would think they would at least target core guys and get them signed pretty quick.


All other teams will look to purge the stamps roster of this list... Thdt a lot good talent the stamps are gonna lose. Bagelton is a highly sought after name thdt every team would love to have too

It all depends on who Huf can sign between here and free agency, and what other teams can afford of course.

The Riders have a ton of work to do too. They have more FA's than Calgary...

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Orimolade and Judge will be very sought after if Stamps can’t sign either of them

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It's the fact they have multiple skill guys at several positions to sign like Lemon, and Banks as well as Orimolade on the D line.

Will they have room to sign both Judge and Thurman at linebacker?

What about the 8 db's they have as FA's, Dozier, Moxey, Washington, and Muhammad all deserve a raise after last year and Moxey for sure will be looking to the free market for a raise.

Then receivers, Hunchak, and Sindani are going to get good offers as Nationals, plus Kamar and Jordan.... And some of those offensive guys may want to go where Bo goes too and may take a bit less to play with him.

It's gonna be interesting......

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If it’s anything like last year almost all teams will have a significant amount of free agents. I know the Bombers will as well.

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Jonathan Moxey is gonna be high on my shopping list for the Als

heh i was thinking about this too. i could see Bo maybe taking a few guys with him to riderville. i’m not sold on Maier as a starter just yet. it will be interesting to watch the musical quarterback offseason unfold. where does Fajardo go? to the Stamps as a cheaper vet backup lol? i think Fajardo wants to be a starter too tho. no guarantees that Rourke will even be back (i think he will be). if i’m a vet quarterback looking to pad my stats for incentive contract i’m going to the east.

what sucks about high player turnover via free agency is it affects team continuity for year to year and quality of play early on in season.

I’m not sold on Maier either but more sold on him than Bo. Father Time and injuries have taken care of Bo. I would rather have Fajardo as my starter than Bo. I would take Maier over both of them. And why would Calgary want Fajardo as a back up when they have Stevens and should be grooming him? Is anyone saying that the Calgary brain trust no longer knows what they are doing when it comes to evaluating QB’s?

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oh yea i agree that Maier is better than Bo. i like Stevens better than both of them. i think they underused Stevens. i would make him a starter and have a run first offence. like Stevens and Carey in wildcat formation would be unstoppable. i think Fajardo is marginally better than Bo and that Fajardo will go to an east team.


Wanting to move BLM...sure as heck shows they know what they want.

The playoff game on Sunday showed the same thing Maier showed all season which is ball protection above all....and that was why they lost. It's why they lost in Winnipeg too.
But it's all a short pass game for him. Least yards thrown - next to Bo who played less games. Least passes 20 yards, and the shortest passing average. With Maier at the helm they are the least likely to push the ball downfield so when they run into a good line backing team (BC, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton) they have a tough time getting a win. Plus if they get behind- they cant catch up quick because their offence is run and short pass.

That leaves a problem for receivers like Bagelton, Jordan, and Sindani. They don't see the ball much.....

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