Stamps position on the non call by Jake Ireland!

A few quote from Ted Hellard from the Stamps website:

“Although we believe Johnson had complete possession of the ball within the air, and long after contact with the ground, we are comfortable the proper procedures were followed by the officiating crew, with respect to review of the play in question. We abide by the call and have no plans for any official appeal,? said Team President and Owner Ted Hellard.

“We have reviewed the film and stand by our position that Johnson’s catch was good. The League has given us confirmation they will provide us a complete explanation of the call, broken down frame by frame."

“Clearly instant replay has been a major success in our league and we support it completely. At this point we have not made a decision whether we will post the actual replay on our site as part of our fan highlight viewing package.?

True to form, the Stamps have taken the high road and have not included the replay of the botched call on Ron Johnson's catch in the game highlights on their website...

Yeah, that's definitely the high road ... I hope the CFL issues as good a statement as the Stamps did, to all its fans - not just to Ted Hellard. And if the League decides Hellard is right, and that Johnson did have control of the ball, I hope they issue an apology, admit to making a mistake, and discipline those involved ...

....Hellard is the consumate diplomat of the this carefully worded press clip he has not only laid the ground work to allow the CFL to explain itself and save face at the same time but sends a message that 'you clearly $@#%ed up Jake and you and your boss owe us one'......

....I for one think the pass was incomplete, that Johnson needed to have it better controlled for a split second longer....but Ted's message is one all stamps fans can get behind...

I agree Red, Hellard handled it very well. You guys sure have a good group of owners compared to the "F-troop" days.

So I've invited Jake over for BBQ steaks and fishing on the lake. :wink: I need to have him in my pocket for Friday night because our 3rd string QB has to face you guys. 8) I'm checking the cellar to make sure I have plenty of wine for Jake and his crew. :wink: Do you know whether he likes Red or White wine? :wink:

hahaha :slight_smile:

Actually Jake and the crew are enjoying a fine afternoon fishing. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've given them some orange tinted glasses for Friday night's game in case they need a video review. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Their taste in wine is expensive, expensive French Red and white wines.