Stamps pick up DB Burnett

...I must be frank and say I don't know why Burnett received such limited play under Jones' D last year, and then to be released outright....anybody know what the deal was between him and Jones? Dude had a great 2012 year....

Well as our old friend Area 51 would say "Ego" Jones is the issue. :stuck_out_tongue:
Having said that Jones always seems to like the taller longer reach db's from Browner to Watkins who he has brought with him from Calgary to Toronto to Edmonton to play tight, bump, one on one. Burnett is only listed at 5' 10''. and more of a zone guy to me. We'll see how these new rules affect db's ,could be a lot of change over as some guys can not adjust.

Burnett came in with Watkins and current stamp Fred Bennent in 2012. All three very solid and drafted NFL CBs.
Burnett was drafted because of his return skills and turned out to be a better DB. Same thing when EDM acquired him.
Waktins is Jones’ guy and Burnett is not.
Bennett has been the least hyped of the 3 since coming in in 2012. Mostly because offenses learned very quickly not to throw his way. So while Bennett may not have the gaudy stats, big size, or return ability he probably is the best of the 3. But they are all very very good.

I dont know if it is just me but it seems that there are a lot of really good Import DBs coming from NFL to CFL. The same for those starting in the CFL and heading to the NFL.

Reports here in Calgary are that , his style was not a fit for Jones .
Jones wants the physical press corners.

As for the Stamps , I smell trade bate.
We have what I call over-depth. Do not need any more DB’s
This will push the DB’s in camp and one will be up for a trade or outright cut.

Yup that is Ego Jones. Burnett is fast and now well experienced in the CFL. I could see him making the move to HB and be very good at it.
Keon Raymond and versitile Lin J Shell have anchored the SAMLB spot. Both however are well into their 30's and have played a lot of football