It took all season long, but the stampeders are finally first in the west all alone. only one loss in the last six games. we are on a roll and hopefully on the way to the grey cup again. A win is a win, and i will take the ones we get. Even with the injuries, still the strongest candiate in the west to go to the grey cup.

Go Stamps Go!

sure didn't deserve it!

A win's a win...they deserve it as much as the Riders would if the shoe had been on the other foot...

If the passing game continues on like it has for the past three games then the Stamps will only be renting first place. :wink:

Stamps win ugly and sit alone atop the west


LoL Gobble Gobble

Stamps D has perfected the "Clutch and Grab" :thdn:

And the next thing you know, Nick Setta is going to go through a sex change so he can kidnap the holder and get his revenge. Laces Out!!!

Bragging about being first in the west isn't too wise for any team. 2 wins seperate first from last, not a big lead.

As long as it keeps Turkeybend home it's fine by me :lol:

Nothin'll keep him quiet, even a 1-17 season. :stuck_out_tongue: