Stamps or Bombers?

Predictions for tonights game? Personally, I hope for a tie because I dislike both teams, but I think Calgary will take it.


Calgary needs some fine tuning. Winnipeg needs a new engine. That performance by Tee Martin last week was horrible. And the secondary looked like they never played football before. The Eskimos must have had a better challenge in practice this week than when they faced Winnipeg…

How exciting; the battle of the soon-to-be 4th/5th place teams.

That said, I hope the BBs win.

I picked …WINNIPEG…so probably CALGARY will win… :lol:

it would look like this game would be won by calgary easily, but since i dont like either team, i just hope it’s close, and it’s a good game

Stamps 29
Bombers 20

STAMPS all the way!!!

personally they both suck , and for the shit faces who call me a rider fan becuase of my name its actually a make fun of comment for how stupid nealon is when he sees a guy wide open in the endzone he’ll start running so, YES im a ESKIMOOOOO FAN, the riders arent lucky enought to have eskie fans cheering for them, they only have corn cob eating sask farmers, on their side

oooooo…how i wish i was still a mod, i could delete my first post.

As you can see every team has fans who are idiots.

Hey - RUNnealonRUN - two words for you. Anger Management.

Stamps will easily handle the hapless Bombers.


I’m new to these boards but have enjoyed watching CFL games for years from NYC so much I intend to go to a game when I go on vacation later this summer !!!

Stamps 32 Bombers 24

Stamps will win. I think it’s gonna take a while for the BBs to pick up their first win. :wink:

i say stamps take it 21-15

Good defence by both teams. Happy Stamps won. Stamps made the big play at the beginning of the game and that pretty much stood to be the winner but I do have to say how much Burris and Martin stink.

I don’t know what you all think, but to me Burris sure does look a lot like Crandel did last year in the Calgary offence, and that was just what I was perdicting would happen. They should have kept Jones.