Stamps O Line does not what to dance or celebrate!

I am sure every one saw Hank Burris after his touchdown try to give the ball to the olinemen one after the other and not one would take it. He ended up giving it to Sandro to spike the ball! Those O lineman disappointed me! Nothing like seeing the big guys dance :lol: :lol: I guess they wil be treated to some more 78 oz steaks once again!

Nice to see the big guys are there to play ball. Good on them, nice to not have to watch any of that last night.

The paper bag on the head worked hey! :lol:

I didnt see the game, but If i know my hoggies... I'm glad / proud to call myself a former 1/2 hoggy... - ( Tight End ) ...

IMO - Dancing is for the Dance floor / Clubs

i think the celebrations are getting out of hand. its good to see the o-line are their to do there jobs. It is disgusting that the receivers from the stamps are calling themselves entertainers not athletes. if theyu ar enot althetes they should never step foot on a football field.

Athletes ARE entertainers. Weren't you entertained watching that football game? Oh yeah.. you're a bomber fan. Maybe you'll be entertained next game.

I was actually dissapointed in the linemen, especially Lynem. Spike the friggin' ball if the QB gives it to you - he's trying to thank you for getting him in there. When someone thanks me for a gift I don't tell them to screw off. That can't possibly help to build a good relationship.

If you want to thank the linemen, buy them dinner, don't ask them to join you in your childish games.

Kudos to the line for doing the "right" thing. IMO

good call cfleskfan. I have nothing wrong with celebration after a big score. the bomber used to be famous for the dances in the endzones and I know everyone knows that. but to call yourself an entertainer more then an athlete is kinda rediculis. even wen the bomber did the dances it lasted maybe 10 seconds, not these huge races around the track.

Sorry R&W2005, you and I will disagree on this one. I think your Linemen did the right thing. The celebration thing is just getting too much.

Did the Stamps just score a touchdown or did you have your eyes closed! cfleskfans it seems you have found a board buddy how nice!
Well footballmad being a bomber fan I can see why you do not like clebrations your team does not get the opportunity to do so! :lol:

Well that ok sporty I know you mean well! But really is sport not entertainment. It may not be entertaining for the team that just had a touchdown scored on them. But if you do not want to see the celebrations simply stop them from scoring. BC has done that job very well! Seems like a lot of jealous fans because their team does not get that chance to entertain their customers.

.....count me out of that equation, rw05.....Sask has 34 offensive TDs this year - more than any other team - which means I've had plenty of opportunity to watch the players "entertain their customers", and I still don't appreciate the asinine TD antics.....unfortunately, though, it appears as though they're here to stay, so there's no point in really complaining, is there?

Exactly! Although the Bomber game they toned it down a bit! :lol:

Ya know rw2005
Not all people base their opinion in life on whether or not their team wins a game
You might have a bit more credibility if you would not always drag a discussion down to whether or not a poster's team won.

Very true Ro very true! But really if their team does not score I guess then they have nothing to celebrate! Like that say the Als! :lol:

and the prosecution rests


ok now i know this was postes a little while back in to thread but still i need to make a defence for myself. I have nothing wrong with touchdown celebratiosn. But there is a point where they get to far. the slam dunk through the uprights, the way geroy simon just stands there, throwing the ball into to the crowd, etc. i enjoy seeing the players do that. but when teams bring it to far it becaomes more of rubbing it into the opponent. and although sport is entertainment for the fans and we all do enjoy watching some of the celebrations, the athletes that play are athletes not entertainers. if tey are entertainers tell them to go audition for a movie professional sports the distinction between athlete and entertainer is very thin....this can be proven by asking the simple question of 'why do you go to a sporting event?'........

Ask yourself this red,
Do you go to a sporting event to see the sport or the dancing?