Stamps not taking this game lightly with the Bombers

The Stamps are not going into this game thinking it is an easy two points. They have a healthy respect for the Bombers.

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...I am hoping HUF has the stamps in the right frame of mind to not take the BBs lightly...they're in for a big surprise if they do...

...on a side note, I see pick'ns are getting slim for the sunshine girl these days huh?...then again, emaciated 48 year old single stripper moms gotta work too I guess...

So, you are telling us the Calgary Sun is maturing a bit? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes red but have to admit she aged well

...guess they did my son...told you ...don't count this team might not think so...BUT...this team has alot of talent....hurting a little right now...but just wait till we get our star players back....and it was nice to see they played the qb. i've alway thought was no 1 on this team...good game....guess you;ll have to eat that little black bird once again.... :lol:

o ya and.... GO BLUE!!!


..dinwiddie looked very competent, and very confident, keep him in there...good win BBs...

...rematch in our house....

ugh, why'd you have to note the sunshine girl, I just had to check it out...

Why the complaints about the Sunshine girl? She looks good, especially when you take into account her age. Then when you compare her at her age to other regular folks her age she looks pretty close to incredible.

well i had to check out all 7 days of the sunshine girls and all their pics. :stuck_out_tongue:

For her age she looks great. I hope my wife looks like that at her age!

The Sunshine girl is indeed pretty good for her age.

More on-topic, I predict that by the time Labour Day weekend arrives, we won't be having discussions about whether this or that team should or shouldn't be taken lightly. Even the teams that have started with some old problems and inconsistency will all manage to be 'legitimate' as one person in another thread used the term, and capable of winning any game on any night. EVERY team, even Maciocia-led Edmonton and the hard luck Tiger-Cats will battle for a playoff spot this year.

There's more to a woman than her body. That woman's face...that was scary...I'm surprised my monitor didn't break.