Stamps' nosedive????????????????????????????

Calgary has confused its fans and the rest of us that thought they had on paper the best team in the league. Again the Stamps are self-destructing. Even the horse looks lame on the sideline??? :oops: :oops:
What on earth has happened???? I thought I heard HELP from the sidelines during the last game. :o

I wouldn't say there on a nosedive, but I will say they have peaked I don't expect them start another lengthly winning streak I project them finishing 13-5

nosedives help you build up momentum to continue on :wink:

Needs more question marks.

well when the head coach is yawning on the sidelines at least 2wice they showed him yawning like he was a few hours late for bed on tsn and when Henry is wearing panties instead of a bra there is no one left to lead so with the last 2 losses I truly hope the dirty birds come to play this week and show old cross dresser this is a mans game :lol:

Sorry, only got cowbells :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: