Stamps New TD Celebration .....

There will be a lot of celebrating today by the Stamps!!

I hear Ya Pearson. I would celebrate to when I have just worked my last day and have 6 months off in front of me.

nicely done hahahahaha

How fitting!! I click on the link to see the Stamps TD celebration.......and there isn't one! Ha!

way to go green & white!!!!!!! burris sucks lol :rockin: :rockin:

...I forgot dave, how'd your team do?...oh yeah....

Way to go Roughriders!!! That was a spectacular game. You have a really solid team - and certainly the most energetic fans!

I really look forward to our Als meeting up with you at the Grey cup -
(and, well, go Als go.. what can I say... but good luck to you guys too!) :lol:

I think I only saw "butterball" do one dance lol betchya he is kinda embarrassed tonight