Stamps need Canadians.

It has been said some coaches around the league want to lower the ratio. Im beginning to wonder if the St. John H. coach of the stamps is one of the guilty. it seems we are also luzing Canadians. with Jonh comisky retiring, and the loss of our star kicker, makes me a little worried. This is opinion, but in the loss in the western Final came down to Riders Canadians out playing the Canadians on the Stamps roster. i dont even think Ralph had a single catch. he might not have even had a pass his was that game. and i have often said i would like to see both of the Ralph brothers play in Calgary. J.H.- We need Canadians. quit being so proud of singing so many imports.

You lost a Canadian kicker, and then drafted one. That one's a wash.

I'm not complaining...

id be worried about the oline in calgary but really thats about all id be worried about.

stamps have one of the best qb's in the league in burris, should be up there with sask battling for 1st in the west.

im really happy that thalwel is commin back. i just hope its not the huffer thats trying to lower the ratio. although i i read that the CFL took that chip off the barganing table. im a little werried about the line as well.

They lost two starters, right?

yup. i feel weird this year. i am always going to be a stamps fan. but this is the first time since the early mellenium that i have come into a season with this much anxiety. i hope i am wrong. i feel like so many teams have made efforts to make themselves better, yet the stamps are living in the idea that they just never got it together last year with the right team.

The Stamp need more Canadians Gee that's to bad hahaha

And they traded a NI o-lineman who started a few games for them before he was injured.