Stamps, Mitchell restructure 2022 contract

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders and veteran quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell have come to terms on a restructured contract for the 2022 season.

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Congratulations Stamps with securing Bo for the 2022 season.

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Awesome news that Bo stays in Calgary now we know we don’t have to worry about the stamps this year again as long as Bo is in charge

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They also managed to get Maier for pocket change:

This is why Hugnagel always has the best bullpen in the West year after year.

Nobody in the league is better @ getting the most for your buck. Getting Bo for $425K + a possible $60K in bonuses is money well spent. He got a $100K bonus for signing. Think about it - Vernon Adams signed for $445 which included a $190K signing bonus. Gotta admire the guy. Probably the best 1-2 punch in the league. Next guy up - Michael Reilly.


I'm hoping. I don't want to see another year of mediocre football coming out of BC.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if they shave $150,000 off of Reilly's contract he'll still be pulling in as much as most starters in this league right?

So you say but we will see how wrong you are come Jun 2022. With the Stamps having Mitchell & Maier again, they are in great shape ! Now Huff will work on the receivers and then the Defensive guys ! Stampeders Onward and Upward!


He made a reported $525K hard money. There is a correction going on in the QB market most of them get a bigger portion of incentives if they hit certain goals, it seems like to me. I think Bo's deal will be a good indication. He could $485 if he hits all the targets. Reilly IMO should be in that range but it's been 3 years since Reilly's been to the playoffs - not all his fault but it could play into the salary. That tells me Collaros is looking @ that $450-500K range with a fairly substantial signing bonus included which is really tax favourable for American players. Where guys like Harris & Dane Evans end up, I don't know. If Arbuckle's deal is any indicator, I suspect between the $340K he got & the $445 Adams got in Mtl, depending if they are starters or not.

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I guess it doesn’t hurt to dream big

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Great news. Should quiet the Bo haters that have really never had a true argument against his ability but just like to put him down because he isn't on their team. He is committed, professional, classy and a great asset to the Stamps and the CFL.

Got that right except the "Bo haters" will still hate Mitchell until he joins their club. Jealousy is a real thing in the CFL!

Interest in Bo Levi Mitchell on the open market probably would have been limited because there is no guarantee that his throwing shoulder will be at 100% strength and without pain when the 2022 season starts. So, $425,000 in hard money seems like a good deal for him.

I agree. I don’t think there is anyone outside of Calgary that is unhappy that Bo is staying in Calgary and being paid starting money. I have no illusions that he will suddenly reverse his form of the last several years and stop being an immobile interception machine. If I was the opposition I would be happy to see Bo starting and Maier on the bench.

Good news for the rest of the league. Basically paying him $40,000 per INT :joy:

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It's true. There isn't one QB in the league I'd trade for BLM. Not. One. The ONLY guy I can think of is Reilly and that is just about his grit and determination. The guy's a baller. Sask has nothing. Zero. Winnipeg is lucky they've gotten what they have out of Collaros. Two Cups is pretty darn good I will admit but I know they'll be looking for a replacement/backup as he's just one hit away from a long rest on the bench.... Edmonton has nothing. TO, nothing. Hamilton, maybe.... Montreal, nothing, Ottawa, less than nothing.

So it seems to me there are three teams with QBs: BC, Calgary, Winnipeg. Sorry for the rest of you.

Yeah, Reilly is a weapon still, for sure. Smart, tough as nails, runs.... Any team would be lucky to have him.

“I’m very pleased that Bo yet again has demonstrated a team-first mentality,” said Stampeders president and general manager John Hufnagel."

Meaning we chopped his salary & he didn't walk(good times!)

I can't get over how many Mitchell HATERS there are! All so jealous that they throw him insults daily. but when you look at what their team has for a QB all I can do is shake my head and laugh!

Why would I be jealous? Nothing to be jealous fav is how he didn't go to the Vikings because he didn't wanna take Kirk Cousins job :joy::joy::joy: ya right he couldn't even make an NFL practice roster