stamps merch.

ok i know i have complained about many things on the forums, but this is one that bugs the crap out of me. i cannot find any decent stampeders merch. just after the first game, i was in calgary, so went to all the jersy city's and sports stores i could... and they had very few stamps jersies. and definately no nik lewis jersies. so i went to the stamps store, and they told me "they should get some in soon." but i dont get to calgary very often. and every store only sells riders stuff that are not in cow town. because "only riders sell" they tell me. i also wanted a lumsden edmonton jersy, and i calvio jersey. im so sick of not being able to buy stamps stuff. maybe if they sold it, it would sell.

im not just on here to complain, im here to see if anyone can tell me where to look for an awesome nik lewis jersey.

...on Nik Lewis maybe?...

I think most carwashes sell old rags, don't they? :smiley:

i didnt say i wanted a riders jersey... then i would go to an autoshop and find the rags used for oil changes. i did check, sent an email, but he isnt selling his own gear. and like i said, im lookin for some other ones as well.

...nice burn, touche...

That'a awful nice of you to admit that the Riders play like a well oiled machine.

take whatever you want from it. they have lots of grey cups as well so... oh wait, no they dont.