Stamps making Bomber defense look defenseless

Bombers need a starting QB. All they have now in Glenn is a decent backup.

Winnipeg is lucky they’re not down by a lot more than they are…one TD so far for Calgary…it should be an absolute blowout rather than just your basic waxing…

Did Coach Higgens push the

button! :lol:


It looks like Calgary is helping the Eskimos after all I think they are fixing these games! Someone call ummmmm Call ummmm Who can you call help me out here! :lol:

Congrats....Stamps played a great game :thup: ...short week or not,,,,,that was a brutal performance by a totally uninspired Bomber team.....lets start from the top....poor play calling....poor execution....and last but not least ....poor always said....and you can check my previous posts.....that i am NOT a Glenn fan...he is NOT a starter....until that situation is corrected....this team COULD finish out of the play-offs.....just a pee-poor perormance... :thdn: :thdn:


Thats okay dad they can redeem themselves now about that crow!

....okay my son ...i got a glimpse of the black-bird tonight....but i am not prepared to indulge just know it ain't over till the black-crow chirps...or the fat lady'll be tough to come back after that stinker....but like i said............ :oops: :oops: :oops:

Dad I thought you said something like after the game tonight I would be eating crow and now the game is over and you are not willing to eat the crow and I made it easy on you with the crow cereal! Now I am rather disappointed really!
The fat lady singing I thought she had sang for your team tonight oh yes here she is right now singing the bomber song! Bombers bombers bombers! ouch!

We're only helping out the Esks if they beat Hamilton :wink: The Esks are still not a good football team, and they still need to come up with 3 more wins than Winnipeg (but they do have a bit of an easier schedule than the Bombers).
Funny thing is, Saskatchebush could end up helping out the bombers by beating the Esks the next two times they meet ...

Ya, the Esks are no good. They only beat Calgary twice this year.

Well the bombers played about as well last night as they did in Regina on LD, yet they bounced back the following week with a win over the same Rider team that owned them a week before.

The defence seems to play about as well as the offense only because they know when they dont have a snowballs chance in hell, and Kevin Glenn really needs to take a long look in the mirror, this guy has no heart, desire or leadership ability and it is rubbing off on those around him, career back up for sure it seems.

At a time when the Stamps were struggling everywhere they went.

Besides, Hamilton beat the "might Esks" this year as well...

It's actually strategy.. last year we dominated the regular season and then crapped the bed in the playoffs.. this year we're saving the best for last. :wink:

Congrats to Calgary! Tough time to be a Bomber fan. At this time it sure looks like the Bombers are back in the 2005 state of mind. Do you serve red or white wine with crow a la king? The time is getting closer. Ah well, there is still good CFL games to watch.

Piggy you sound like a man that is going to eat some crow! :lol: :lol:

You know LeBird, what gets my goat, is the fact that some games we come out the gate with a take no prisioners attitude...other games we are running in quick sand n we couldn't care fix would be to implement a curfew check, because the way we play sometimes...looks like the boys have there mind on something else...get your crap together Bombers...

EE it was not so much the eskies beating Calgary it is more like Calgary beating themselves! The Eskies are not a good team! Sorry but true! Or In Kanga's case ture!

Le Bird right now as it stand the east looks like no one wants to be in first place. The good thing is I still think the Bombers just may be able to get to first we will see how the Als make out against BC>>>>>>>>> :twisted: