Stamps looking good in the draft

The stamps have been a fairly successful team since dunnigan left as coach. Not the best in the league but not the worst. I have been dossapointed in recent years with the stamps not utilizing enough Canadian talent. It seems we also luze about 2 good Canadians a year. Through retiring or free agency. when you finish in the top four as much as the stamps have itcan be hard to develope and draft good Canadian talent. The one time we recently had a #1 pick we traded it for Phillips I beleive. Bad move. but the huffer seems to respect the importance of canadian drafts a bit more then the guys before him

I really liked last year giving up a third rounder to get forzanni. The only pick we gave away this year and it was for a canadian. and we have three picks in the second round. That's almost half the
second round going to Calgary. That's pretty rad. Giving up Newman for a second rounder this year was a total no brainer. Great trade. I would like to trade up a bit inthe first to get cohern but no gm ahead of us is goin to give a first rounder. And I think Toronto was on glue to give up the 4th pick. Not as deep as the 09 year but still looking good. I could see Calgary going for Walter for future when renoylds retires. Any other thoughts? We need at least one Canadian o lineman out o this draft.

I constantly hear that this draft is not as good as in the last few however there are some good prospects at the top of the draft. I find that a little strange seeing as how the kids this year seem better prepared than ever to take the next step. Another Canadian O-lineman would be nice however it would also be nice to get some Canadian help in the secondary.

the talent is really good. Especially the top picks. I just meant it's not as deep as some years before. But still really good.

...I've been pleased with Hufnagel's selections over the past few years, I'm sure he won't disappoint this year either...

I agree, Huffer will get us some good Canuck talent. :rockin:

I know this could be wishful thinking, but I would like to see one 2011 draft pick get regular rotation outside of special teams. I like the huffer a lot. For me, when Cortez left, it seemed like the stamps were more open to Canadian talent. Three things for me were good sings. The signing and starting of comisky. using Cornish on a more regular basis. And the signing of lumsden- giving Jessie another shot. three picks in round two could really help our ratio.

i feel we did really well in the Draft today. NOt the best of all teams, but in the top three i would say.

  1. Anthony Parker-this was an awesome pick. I figured they would go for cohoorn first. but i am very pleased. his final game in the CIS was a bummer. but everyone has bad games.
    2.junior Turner-i was expecting an o line pick here to be honest. He was a suprise pick, but could potentially rotate in by the middle of the season. UNless he decides to go back to school for another year.
    3.rights for bulky-no clue who he is.
    4.Antwi, Akwasi-was more of an unknown to myself. suprised to see another d-lineman drafted by Calgary i was thinking they would want to replace the departures on the o line.
    5.Brad sinoppili-How excititng was this? Anyone who has been paying attention to the CFL website for the last six months know who this guy is. My understanding was that he had interviews with every team except the stamps... SO this was pretty intriguing. im curious to see If they try him out as a qb, or move him to a different position. or if he even makes the team. could be very good for the stamps PR. With all the press around him, this could be one of the more watched training camps.
    6.MAtt Walter-This was a steal of a pick as far as im concerned. I was very suprised he didnt go higher in draft... i thought he would go in the second round. Great skill set. Im not sure if there is room for him right now with all the depth at running back, expecially Non-import talent. but they will find a place for him if he doesnt go back to school
    7.Jared Manchelenko-no clue.

SO altogether a pretty good draft. i feel edmonton might have had a more successful draft, or maybe even BC. but considering how high Calgary finished last year, Huffer did great work with the pics. and I am starting to buy in, like you all have for a few years now, with Huffers work on non-import talent. really excited.

Have to agree, Calgary had a good draft. Look forward to the preseason and seeing how these guys perform.

So I guess I was sleeping last year during the draft. The player they Got the rights for from Edmonton was a first rounder last year. So hopefully it works out. I feel kinda silly not knowing that. Good interview with the huffer today on the fan. He said brad is goin to come in and compete for the job… Higher then third string possibly. Really excited for the season to start.

...heck, I'm just excited to get TC started already...I think the team is coming into a critical season...losing to the greenies 3 out of the past 4 seasons has got to put a burr under this team's saddle right now, I know I'd be itching for some on-field redemption of the winning kind...

...I think the team is looking well covered here...sure there are some defensive questions but there were some last year at this time too and look what Jones has accomplished EVERY year he has been here, the questions usually dry up by Labour Day and the stamps have consistently sat 1 or 2 or 3 in the overall defensive rankings, mostly 1 or 2...

My small concerns are the kickoff/punt cover, and the secondary. I'm a
little undecided on tisdale. I'm hoping with jones as his coach that he will
really come into his own. but I'm forever the optimist. One thing that seems
to have fallen off the radar is the signing of lary Taylor. If he can get back
into form, could actually give Calgary a return game. Something we have
lacked for a lot of years. Gizmo Williams was orriginally a stampeder they
traded to edmonton by accident. It's like our curse now to not have a returner.
Sorry this isn't very draft orrinted. anyone know if Walter is going to report to
cAmp or go back to school? all of Calgary's draft picks from last year are
signed. That's pretty rad

Don't know about giving up Newman for second rounder being a "no brainer", but he definitely didn't seem like he wanted to continue his career in Calgary for whatever reason(so getting something for him could be seen as a positive). I thought calgary had a very good draft overall(likely top 3 in the league). Walter + Cornish as RBs definitely seems like a possibility in the future, but could still be a year or two away.

bieng able to have 3 picks on the second round proved very good for us. basicly gave us the rights to edmontons first rounder the year before. hopefully he will sign this year. Calgary has a good track record though with signing players lately. I was happy to see Newman go. And im happy he is home on BC. It seems the CFL is more of a regional league(with the exception on the riders) for the most part. wich is pretty rad.

N E ways, the stamps have all the picks from last year and this year for training camp. hats pretty rad. Walter was going to go back to school, but changed his mind when the stamps drafted him. but congrads to edmonton for signing lament on such short notice. tillman is working his magic already.

late rounder matt walter is having great numbers @ the world football championship! its awesome.