Stamps look unbeatable

Were the Alouettes "lucky" when they beat your Lions 56-18 in the 2009 East final? :lol: :roll:

Or, are you talking about the 2016 Stamps?

It is good to be lucky fact is the Stamps won the season series with the Lions I guess the first game the Lions were were lucky to beat the Stamps it is a matter of perspective really! The point is even with 20 seconds on the clock the Stamps can score to win a game ask the Bombers. The point is is it luck or talent. Thats not forget the Stamps signed Law and he will be in the line up soon for the rotation in the dline this will make that defense much better not that it is bad now.

Stamps are by far the best team in the CFL right now and don't seem to "beat themselves", but I think they are beatable.

Stamps appear invincible but in the short-rostered CFL, with unique weather conditions in late October and November you never know what can transpire.

Obviously the 3 western amigos - Cal, BC, Edmonton should fight it out for the western spot in the TO Grey Cup - while Winnipeg, Hamilton & Ottawa struggle to produce an eastern fawn.

Hamilton might be down a quart without Collaros. Ottawa has some slight coaching malfunctions but they're the best bet to dismantle either Wpg. or Hammy in the eastern final - whoever is served up! :cowboy:

Things are going great here in Stamp land. To great.

2 things have me worried.

All this talk about getting that 16 - 1 - 1 record.
There is no trophy for that. Ask any member of the 1989 16-2 Esks if they are happy with the record.

I do not buy into jinxes or curses , but .........

Will drop some steam from wrapping up first to early then having a 3 week break.

I would not mind a loss. It will bring them down to earth.

Nobody is unbeatable = New England Patriots = 16-0 regular season record = 18-1 final record = ZIP , NADA , ZILCH , ZERO as in their one loss was the final loss of the season. :cowboy: The Stamps should win it all this season BUT never say never and remember Shoulda's , coulda's and woulda's don't count for diddly if you don't win that final game of the season or worse yet don't even get to it in the first place. Just ask the "89" Eskimos about that one.

Absolutely no weakness on that team. A lot of fun to watch.


Homer is binging on the Duff again.

The Stamps play double back to backs with the Argos and Alouettes to end the season. :roll:

I see that great CFL schedule maker was at it again this season. :x :roll: :thdn:

It will be interesting to see the strategic choices Hufenson make as the season winds down and they prepare for post season.

... and The Stamps actually just scraped by in a couple wins this season.

The Lions would have beat the Stamps here in Calgary, had Wall B not wasted a challenge that cost him a time out.

BTW, the Stamps will taste defeat when they play the Als in Montreal.

Stamps never win in Molson.

I would match up Edmonton’s receivers with the Stamps any day of the week.

A mistake that will live in infamy. :cowboy:

I think people show disrespect to the Als and the Riders for that horrible 2009 ending.

It was not the 13 th man ( Sean Lucas ) that cost the Riders the game .

It was the fact that the Als D shut down the DD O in the second half, and that the Riders D could not stop AC.

It is to bad people always look at just 1 play and think that decides the game.

However, I felt sick when that happened. Can not even imagine what a Rider fan felt.

BTW, how did we get on this old outdated topic anyway ?

It is a topic that probably wont go away anytime soon. It was crazy enough that it will most likely be discussed for the next 100 years.

It is part of history and tradition that makes the CFL and Grey Cup.

Moments in history.

71 Leon Fumble

76 Gabriel Catch

77 Alouettes Staples

81 Esks 14-1-1 near humiliation to 5-11 RRiders.

The memory list goes on.

Stamps practice today!

I was thinking the same thing.

Are the Stamps that good , or does the rest of the league just suck ?

Bit of both I would say.

BTW, Johnny.

Your 2009 team was the same. The CFL had a weak East division and all the Als had to do was beat a sub - par West opponent in the Cup.

Lucky that you guys did not have to play the Stamps that 2009.

BTW, for the record this 2016 Stamp squad would thrash, trash and dump that 2009 Als team of yours.

I just put in a simulation set up and it agree's with me.